Samsung blows Apple out of the water when it comes to smartphones sold

Financial Post- Demand for Samsung’s devices, including the flagship Galaxy S4 that went on sale today and cheaper phones targeting emerging markets, are stoking sales in the US$358 billion handset market and driving most of the Suwon, South Korea-based company’s profits.

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evil_element1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Course they would they make everything for dirt cheap prices. Heard Ford out sell Ferrari's but that would be a silly comparison wouldn't it.

FRAKISTAN1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

so your saying that the juggernaut that is the S4 is a ford while the Iphone 5 is a ferrari.

Samsung has taught Apple a lesson that will take alot of time and arguably a phone that has some kind of new features instead of just having a longer screen to forget.

Oh just for once get you head out of apple's you know what and look at the price of S4.

Hint: its not dirt cheap

dwezel1877d ago

he's talking about the phones that actually sell for most of their profit... that doesn't come from their smartphones... it comes from the not as well developed areas of the world buying the cheapest phones out there which are also samsung pieces of crap... they understand that they need to keep the phones cheap so they don't lose that business which makes up the majority of their sales... he's not saying samsung's top of the line smartphones are 'ford'... he's saying the phones which make up most of their profit are 'fords'

gunnerforlife1877d ago

Samsung might be ford on the outside and iPhone might be ferrari on the outside, BUT on the inside it's Samsung that is a Ferrari or even a bugatti, and for me 90% of the time it's what's inside that matters in a phone! IPhone is a ford that hasn't changed its engine or its looks(even though the phones is sexy looking) for 3 generations.

duplissi1877d ago

that would work if that was a valid comparison.... if the samsung galaxy is a ford then it is a shelby gt500, and the iphone is a lotus elise. both are good cars and yet very different.

SnakeCQC1877d ago

in terms of features samsung just offers way more and thats why consumers are buying them

evil_element1877d ago

Opps, looks like that comparison went over 90% of peoples heads.

I don't see with materialistic eyes on what has more and better features to bang all day long about.

Ferrari vs Ford (Comparison Luxury vs Regular)

A Ferrari is a luxury car priced at silly amount of money. Doesn't make it a better car to go buy your shopping with. Regular car is better suited for the all round tasks, but lacks the expensive finish and craftsmanship of the Ferrari.

People don't buy Apple because you can rub folks faces into it 24/7. They buy it because its quality device with ampule amount of support.

KwietStorm1877d ago

And that's different than a Galaxy?

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gamernova1877d ago

The GS3 is better than the latest iPhone and the S4 will be beyond overkill. I wouldn't be surprised if the new iPhone could not beat the s4 at fact I expect that the new iPhone would not be able to hold a candle to the s4.

mcstorm1877d ago

What I find funny about the tech world now a days is its all about mine is better than yours.

Its the same in the gaming would at the moment.

Just because something has more power than something else dies not make it the best thing on the market. Its the same with the gimmicks to.

The best phone, tablet, console ect on the market is the one that fits into your life better.

For me the best phone on the market is the Lumia 920 as it offers me more than any other phone on the market, tablet its the surface but that won't be the same for other people.

The Samsung gs4 looks a very nice bit of kit and so dose the iPhone 5 but so dose the new Sony z range and even the new blackberry looks a nice bit of kit.

People really need to stop with mine is better than yours rant and go and enjoy your device of choice and let other people enjoy there's rather than trying to tell them they made the wrong choice.

We have choices in life because we all have different needs and tastes.

OmniSlashPT1877d ago

What if I tell you're comparing a single product (iPhone 5, from last year) to a couple of dozen of samsungs products (since i guess theyre not talking only about S3)?

Thats like saying CoD sells more than GTA when one comes out every year and the other every 5 years lol

Btw, just buy the phone you want and cut the crap with all the brands. I have an iPhone because I prefer its design, layout and features, but I would happily have a Samsung, but I just prefer to like the iPhone better.

Neko_Mega1877d ago

Any phone thats Android is better then the IPhone, I mean it seems the iphone lacks alot of things that android phones can do.

Plus they are alot cheaper to.

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