LaWS Weapon – Laser Weapon system deployed as an accessory canon on US ships.

Fernando Blanco from Electric Avenue Says - "The USS Dewey (DDG-105), a guided-missile destroyer based out of San Diego, recently conducted testing of a high-intensity laser weapon, in which it successfully destroyed three aerial drones in three attempts. The Laws system is currently in its third phase of development, after successfully completing earlier land-based tests at a desert testing facility and on an island to gauge its capabilities in a marine environment."

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fblan0011826d ago

Yea megatron better not show his face around here now.

Th3 Chr0nic1827d ago

pew pew done F with MERICA WE GOT LAZOR CANNONS NAO BEECHES!!!!!!!!!!

SnakeCQC1826d ago

this is worthless tech lol

fblan0011826d ago

might be true but its still right up our alley here. and its a step in the right direction I mean its $1 per shot.