Being a Software Engineer the 3rd best job in the world

Vyralize: Software Engineers are becoming more in demand as more businesses transition to the computing lifestyle especially with the growing use of cloud computing. Experts estimate that the field is expected to grow as much as 30% in the next few years.

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Vyralize1886d ago

Two IT jobs in the top 10. That's great!

uncharted561886d ago

Im just going to be starting in this line in few years down the line, now I am more excited :D

mcroddi1886d ago

Wow, I am not surprised. The revenge of the nerds!

Computersaysno1886d ago (Edited 1886d ago )

Meter reader at the bottom. Does this mean parking meter or something in the USA?

Or like utility meter reading?

Utility meter reading actually in the UK used to be a decent job. It was pretty much unskilled but pre recession like 10 years ago you could easily earn £30k a year way back then which would be the equivalent of like 40k+ now, the job could be done in 4 days a week and contracted out so you were technically self employed and autonomous. Long as u got it done u could do your work whenever u felt like it really in the week so it was ultra flexible.

For a job that required no real qualifications it was better than most!

Recession hit hard and the work was cut down with reading cut back and wages cut down. It is rubbish now.

I know this because a family member did this job but quit about 4 years ago when the boom ended.

Speed-Racer1886d ago

Do they still do electric meter reading though because most of the places with digital meters send the information back to the company via the powerlines to make that job redundant. I'm guessing parking meter reading, which can be a pain in the backside when you have to deal with people who literally pay on the last second or beg you not to give them a ticket.

brandonw001886d ago

"What exactly would you say you do here?" Love that movie!

RonyDean1886d ago

I don't really want to do any of those best jobs haha...

Grap1886d ago

as long as you are into your job anything can be best job even the things that don't have great income.

RedSky1886d ago

Said like someone with a naivete about and inexperience with life.

pompombrum1886d ago

Said like a true pessimist.

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