Toddler iPad addiction requires psychological therapy. How about better parenting?

Vyralize: Experts in the UK have warned parents that allowing toddlers and children to use tablets for several hours per day could have “dangerous” long term effects.

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Vyralize1672d ago

These parents are stupid.

SilentNegotiator1671d ago

If it gets to that point, take the kids away. It's that simple.

MrDead1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Just don't give them tablets or smart phones, when I got board when I was a kid I would play with Lego, draw, read a book or just use my imagination to keep myself occupied.

If I was spending too much time on my Atari Lynx or Amiga they were switched off and taken away.

Also for £16,000 for a 28 day course to cure your kid is a con, for half the price and half the time I could cure your kid of this addiction. All I do is slap the parent on the side of the head every time they hand there kid a phone and I tell the child no you can't have the phone, now go play.

ZILLA1671d ago

EVERYTHING that is going wrong in the world is to blame on bad parenting(period)

MidnytRain1671d ago

That's an interesting theory, lol.

coolbeans1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I think there's more to it then just that.

problemchild841671d ago

Toddler iPad addiction requires psychological therapy.

I think there is an app for that.

Captain Tuttle1671d ago

Toddlers get "addicted" to everything fun, even the first time they use it. Give a kid an iPad for the first time and then take it away and watch the tantrum. Take a kid to the park and watch them scream when it's time to leave. It's the parent's job to deal with it, paying some shrink thousands of dollars to do it for you is a scam

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