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First real-world usage figures suggest Chromebooks are struggling

ZDnet - When the initial batch of Chromebooks hit the market nearly two years ago, some thought these low-cost devices running Google's cloud-centric Chrome OS could be a Windows killer. NetMarketShare just started measuring Chromebook usage this month, and the first reported numbers are startlingly low.

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-Mezzo-1863d ago

Tablets are taking over the world....Literally.

Madusha1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

Chrome OS thought to be a 'Windows killer'? Really? Not going to happen and now the statistics back it up.

Profchaos1862d ago

The Chromebook dosent seem to add any functionality that isn't already in a budget net book at roughly the same cost or potentially less.

Mikefizzled1861d ago

Until someone proves otherwise I find them weak and pointless

mcstorm1861d ago

I don't see the point in this os. But if windows 8 is benign called a flop then chrome is an even bigger flop.

For me Apple and Google now need to take a leaf out of Microsoft's book and look at getting chrome os and android to work on both touch and none touch devices as one os rather than 2 and apple need to do the Same with osx and ios

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