Man who sold up to $40 million worth of counterfeit headphones gets two years in jail

Engadget - A man accused of being one of the "most prolific sellers" of counterfeit electronics in the UK has just been sent down for two and a half years. Over 4,000 KiRFs, mainly consisting of knock-off Sennheiser and Monster headphones, were found at Michael Reeder's address, with a value of around £250,000 ($400,000).

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-Mezzo-1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

That's a lot of Headphones sold.

ChrisW1887d ago

Too bad the head of the counterfeit source cannot be cut off...

BlmThug1887d ago

That seems overly harsh and a bit psychotic. Surely whoever does the beheading is far worse than the original criminal purely because the beheader took a life whereas the criminal only sold counterfeit goods and at no point put anyones life in danger.

Tundra1887d ago

I think he means the person who manages the supply and runs the operation.

Speed-Racer1887d ago

Lmao Tundra.

@BlmThug - ChrisW means getting rid of the problem by stopping it at the source (i.e. the manager of distributions) rather than trying to stop the bottom feeders, similar to how you'd curtail drug distribution.

BlmThug1887d ago

Ohhh, my bad. Apologies to ChrisW

ChrisW1887d ago

No prob... I was thinking on adding, "but it would probably be like fighting a Hydra." However, I didn't get around to it.

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SnakeCQC1887d ago

regardless of how bad the economy is $40 million does not equate to £250,000 lol

Speed-Racer1887d ago

Well that's what he is getting arrested for but "Sennheiser claims this is just 1 percent of $40 million worth of items Reeder has sold online".

SnakeCQC1887d ago

lol i should really get into the habit of reading before i comment

pompombrum1887d ago

I was recently in the market for new headphones and done a little bit of research to make sure I didn't buy fakes, it's amazing how similar they look.

That includes side by side picture comparisons with the differences highlighted. Biggest problem with this is that I bet a lot of sellers are selling fake versions without even realizing.. unless you knew what to look for, how could anyone tell the difference?

Blasphemy1887d ago

i wander if the ones i bought off of amazon are real.