Is This the At-Large Boston Bombing Suspect's Social Profile?

Mashable - Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, the remaining at-large suspect in Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon, appears to have a profile on VK, a social network popular with Russian speakers in Russia, Eastern Europe and parts of the Middle East.

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-Mezzo-1673d ago

The first time i've ever heard of the site, VK.

Speed-Racer1673d ago

VK is the Russian equivalent of Facebook.

ironfist921672d ago

These two kids were set up by someone else.

Sucitta1672d ago

people don't yet realize this scary new world. those kids were 100% framed..

martial law for all of Boston.. to catch 2 guys.. gimme a break.

I'm livin in a world surrounded by unaware zombies.

ironfist921672d ago

Its easy to point fingers especially since theyre muslims.

NewMonday1672d ago

why did they run?
didn't they shoot and kill a police officer?
didn't they use a similar pressure-cooker bomb while on the run?
why did one of them call his uncle to ask for forgiveness?

I'm Muslim too, but the truth must come clear.

ApolloTheBoss1672d ago

It's all part of the plan. Don't you think these bombings and shootings are happening a little too conveniently these days?

NewMonday1672d ago

its also making me paranoid, event's look very far apart but could be

* coincidence
* manipulation
* speeding nihilism.

DeadManMcCarthy1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

I like how it conveniently say's his religion of Islam on his FB page. C'mon, you can't blame muslims for everything. People are starting to wake up and realizing that it's their own government who are the real terrorists.