Chinese ‘app store’ lets you install pirated iPhone apps — without jailbreaking

VB - Chinese “app store” is using Apple’s own bulk enterprise licensing technology to distributed pirated apps to Chinese iPhone and iPad users, completely free.

The site, which is only available within China unless you spoof your location via a proxy server, offers a wide selection of iPhone and iPad apps. In just a few moments, I found Final Fantasy V, a $16 iPad game; Badland, a newish $4 app; Le Vamp, a $2 game for iPhone and iPad, and many others.

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-Mezzo-2135d ago

I've been trying but the site is not opening up for me.

Pillsbury12134d ago

What part of "only available in china" do you not understand?

-Mezzo-2134d ago

In order to understand, i should have read it, which i had not.

Ogygian2134d ago

This really isn't on. One of the biggest potential exports of the West are our media IPs and products, and if China steal these from us, how can we justify continuing to buy their products at a trade deficit?
The games industry in particular could find new life in an open and honest Chinese market, and it's a shame things like this are robbing developers of the reward for their labour.

FRAKISTAN2134d ago Show