Google Buying $39M Fiber Service In Utah For $1

AP - Google Inc. will pay $1 for a municipal fiber-optic system that cost $39 million to build, according to terms of the Internet company's agreement with Provo.

The deal is widely expected to be approved Tuesday by the City Council, making Provo the third city selected by Google for high-speed Internet and television service.

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Speed-Racer1891d ago

Is that the only part of the story you read?

-Mezzo-1891d ago

Yes,... with he amount of stories i submit, no one should expect me the read the story completely. :P

TXIDarkAvenger1891d ago

$1 to buy but that costs $39 million to build.

mushroomwig1890d ago

'Yes,... with the amount of stories i submit, no one should expect me the read the story completely. :P'

Then perhaps you should slow down? I know, crazy thought right? Instead of rushing to submit these posts just because you want to win the prize money every month maybe you should actually take a minute to read through what you're submitting.

-Mezzo-1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Perhaps i should,...well, perhaps i shouldn't.

I really don't have time to work 2 jobs, post on all NewsBoiler sites & read each and every News Story i submit.

Plus it's a news story i have no relation to.

People are really getting hostile towards me, due to the fact that i win each month. NOT FAIR....NOT FAIR AT ALL.

Speed-Racer1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

@Mezzo - I can't speak for the others since I have nothing to gain or lose by hating you (so I don't), but if you're making a comment, don't base it on just one line because as was proven in this case, the $1 deal was just a baited title and the rest of the story explained that it really was more than that. I don't think anyone in this thread at least has an issue with you coming first, but one of the biggest problems is that people make comments without seeing the whole picture, so it causes some confusion from time to time.

Shani1891d ago

Only $1. Seems fair deal to me. /s

RetrospectRealm1891d ago

1 dollar... that's a way of saying it is priceless. On Person Of Interest, they sold the Machine for a dollar cause it was 'priceless'.

Agent_hitman1891d ago

Fair enough. But if I were google, I will make it at least $2

Dogswithguns1891d ago

I think a typo here.. could it be 1 million.

Speed-Racer1891d ago

Read the story and you'll understand that the $1 is just symbolic. There are other costs attached.

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