Icelanders get app that prevents accidental incest

Vyralize: Created by three university students, the ÍslendingaApp allows residents of Iceland to check that they’re not accidentally committing incest when hooking up with someone.

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konnerbllb1890d ago

Just what a guy needs. An app that cockblocks. There's an app for everything apparently.

MidnytRain1890d ago

Lol, can't tell if serious. I'd like to know in advance if I'm trying to date my cousin.

konnerbllb1890d ago


Why ruin the mystery? Run the app after you two have sealed the deal.

Skate-AK1890d ago

Call it Iceland Roulette.

Vyralize1891d ago

That's some weird stuff.

Zerg1891d ago

Might need that hur in Redneck, Alabamuh.

Grilla1891d ago

Too funny, I grew up in Iceland. They need that app. I remember when I was 16 and my grandma was showing me our family tree book, saw a lot of ppl I went to school with that I had no idea I was related to.

FRAKISTAN1891d ago

cousins are ok for marriage

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