Windows 8.1 Leaked Build 9369 Hits The Internet

Ubergizmo: A Windows 8.1 build has leaked in the past as well and today yet another build has been leaked and is now available on the internet. Microsoft is expected to make an announcement regarding Windows 8.1, or Windows Blue, some time in June. The leaked builds give us an insight as to what exactly Microsoft has in store for us

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newsguy1834d ago

where's my start button?

madara0sama1833d ago

Install one lol. I'm using StartMenu8 and it's pretty good. Haven't tried others though.

jkoz1833d ago

Yep. Not gonna buy until reintegrated. Doesn't make any sense other than them forcing you toward the retarded Metro interface.

kingPoS1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

And I had high hopes too. [sigh] Lets just hope that when the new build is rolled out, it won't disable the start menu from those wonderful 3rd party apps.