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13 PC technologies that need to disappear, stat

PC World - Time marches on, but some PC technologies don’t know when they’ve worn out their welcome. While we applaud motherboard manufacturers for helping us extend the lives of our hardware, we also realize that we’re paying for many components that we’ll never, ever use. (PC hardware)

-Mezzo-  +   871d ago
Don't see any of them being ditched completely, anytime soon.
KingPin  +   871d ago
ditch VGA? i don't think so.
its simply a cheaper alternative.
and when you buy your after-market graphics card that comes with a built in HDMI port you can plug in your expensive monitor if you have one.

Optical drives - seriously? this will only die long after im gone. he says who rips nowadays.....ever been on torrents. those are people that rip so he can download digitally. and besides, sometimes hard copies are just better. if you ever had a 1TB HDD crash you would know what im talking about.
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jerethdagryphon  +   865d ago
optical.. main use archival formats secureing infor for shipping photos anything that needs to survive an emp
optical will advance but never go not until something better takes its place memory sticks are great but dvd bluray has space and affordability for massive backups

@ below thats not weed your smoking its belly button lint...
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kingPoS  +   871d ago
Get rid of VGA & DVI!!!!

Give me a hit of that. [puff puff exhale]

They should get rid of Bluray too! Everyone's long had gigabit internet, nobody has internet outages anymore.

Hahahahahaa! This is some potent green. [puff exhale]
2pacalypsenow  +   870d ago
This guy acts like having this tech is slowing down the progress of technology . Its not having VGA on some motherbaords doesnt affect others using dvi or HDMI
RetrospectRealm  +   870d ago
Only thing I really care about is the Optical Disc Drive. Discs are still widely used. Plus, the fact that the last game he bought was FEAR means he doesn't understand how it really feels to own a hard copy of a good game.
Dasteru  +   870d ago | Intelligent
PS/2 - Still better than USB for keyboards, USB uses CPU time and it typically only supports up to 5-key rollover, PS/2 is completely CPU free and has full N-key rollover which is good for fast typers. Alot of high end gaming keyboards aswell as most mechanicals still include PS/2 connectors for this reason.

Memory card reader - Memory cards aren't just for camera's. Alot of people use memory cards as portable storage devices and not everything has a USB port on it to connect with. They also still sell really well.

Optical drives - Physical media is still higher quality for both audio and video vs digital, 95% of digital music is in a highly compressed MP3 format which causes a large portion of the audible frequency range to be lost, quality 192/24 flac/wave files are extremely hard to find and what little is available is usually just accoustic and pink floyd, not to mention it is absurdly expensive (up to $150 for an album worth of songs).

As for video, the so called HD video content provided through digital media distribution is of a far lower bitrate than Blu-ray, neither the audio nor the video quality on them is anywhere near as good as an actual Blu-ray disk.

Also alot of gamers still prefer physical media, some games are already breaking the 50GB size mark when uncompressed, i personally do not enjoy waiting a week for a game to DL, using up 1/20th of my HDD for a single game and for some people potentially using up or exceeding the monthly DL limit. Then there are issues with reliability, HDD bites it and there goes your entire media/game collection.
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DeadManMcCarthy  +   870d ago
I agree with the PS/2 connectors, I haven't used one of those since windows 98.

Also agree with the eSata ports, never used them either or found them useful.

DVI and VGA I still use though, never had HDMI.

I wish we were able to customize our motherboards to the point where we can get rid of the useless things that we don't want or use. I have so many ports on my mobo that I know I'll never use, plus it would be cheaper if we didn't have these things.
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kingPoS  +   870d ago
I'm inclined to agree. My old 16x10 monitor with vga & dvi ports, was lifesaver when I first got my ps3. I was glad dvi to hdmi cable worked on it.

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