Popular Wii And Gamecube Emulator Dolphin Makes It’s Way To Android

Gearnuke: The extremely popular and amazing Wii and Gamecube emulator Dolphin which enabled users on Windows, Mac and Linux to enjoy Gamecube and Wii games in 1080p HD (upscaled) is now available on Android.

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fatstarr1897d ago

this will be amazing

emulation is changing.

you used to need power but now its working barely on a phone.

I call a bluff no way you can run a wii on a galaxy s2 or something similar.

360ICE1896d ago

You're saying that Samsung Galaxy won't run Super Mario Galaxy? The two were made for each other!
Anyway, Galaxy was fine 50 years ago. Xperia Z is now.

WitWolfy1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I agree my Galaxy S2 cant even run Ninty DS games.. Lags like hell! But it would be awesome to play MGS Twin snakes though! Maybe the Galaxy S4 is the answer?

arjman1896d ago

I've been waiting for someone to post DS emulator gameplay on the S4 for ages haha!

iNFAMOUZ11896d ago

its happening buddy boy.

ABizzel11896d ago

Would be incredible news if it was up and running at least mediocrely. For now it's too much for the phones to handel, maybe news worthy in a year or 2.

That being said I've yet to get Dolphin running on my Mac. For some reason it just doesn't work at all no matter what I install, any ideas or fixes would be nice.

Pillsbury11896d ago

Have you tried unplugging and plugging in the modem? J/k

FreakyFox1896d ago

Just quoting a line from the article that says it all:

"Although games on the Android port are anything but playable, it’s more like a proof of concept for the time being".

A menu and 3D tech are 2 differnt things.

Show me Mario and Kirby jumping around like nutcases and then maybe i will be convinced.

Turbine271896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

They could make this for Ouya :O

and I think you will be able to connect the wii controllers to Ouya too if I'm not mistaken

WitWolfy1896d ago

And how to do plan to connect the motion bar to the console, IT ISNT EVEN USB!!!!

njitram20001896d ago

The "motion bar" is nothing but a row of 4 IR led's. There are plenty of wireless alternatives because no data is sent over the cable. You can use candles if you want to. :P

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