Survey: Teens Love iPhones, Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

Maximum PC: According to the results of Piper Jaffray's 25th bi-annual teen survey, Android is growing in popularity among today's teens, but the iPhone is still the most sought after smartphone. Almost half of those surveyed -- 48 percent -- already own an iPhone, up from 40 percent last fall, while nearly two-thirds -- 62 percent -- plan on purchasing an iPhone the next time they buy a handset.

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Mikefizzled1867d ago

The power of branding and marketing...
I'm embarrassed to still be classed as one.

360ICE1867d ago

Teens love paying for brands. Shocker.

Reborn1867d ago

Not sure a survey was required to find that out.

fatstarr1866d ago

because the casual adult is way worse

they had to distinguish which age bracket had the largest amount of suckers.

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The story is too old to be commented.