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46 million gamers potentially already use an always on Xbox

CramGaming - 48 Million Xbox Live subscribers are already connected to a potentially always online service. ( (Gaming, Services, Xbox LIVE)

-Mezzo-  +   817d ago
That changes nothing. Microsoft should not go Always online with 720.
Madusha  +   817d ago
Agreed. This causes so many problems for users that don't have good internet connections. This shouldn't be done for at least another 5-6 years.
DoomeDx  +   817d ago
But what if your internet is down?

Pretty sure that in 5-6 years your internet can still go down. If your in bad luck, it might even be a day that your internet is gone.

What do you do if you are bored? Exacly..Play a game.Atleast some of us
GEO9875  +   816d ago
Atleast for another 5-6 years? How about... Uh i dont know... NEVER?!
Im with DoomeDx here
Just because it could be considered a standard to have internet always on in 5-6 years doesnt mean that everyone is going to have internet on 5-6 years.
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Goldenarmz  +   816d ago
It should NEVER be done, for the simple fact, people lose their jobs everyday. Some people will disconnect their Internet for 6-7 months, until they get back on their feet. Just recently i moved and my connection sucks, and it constantly disconnects. They need to factor in everyday issues that normal people go through. Life changes. One day i have super fast internet, the next day i could have no internet at all. That shouldn't mean i shouldn't be able to play the games i paid for.
edinburghgamer  +   817d ago
That's a lot of gamers, woah!
a_squirrel  +   816d ago
No, no it's not, it's like 1/8th of gamers, and 1/2 of Xbox 36o gamers. That, and most people use Xbox 360 for multiplayer, OFFLINE and ONLINE.
EDIT: According to various sources, there is more than 200 million gamers in the USA alone. So... this number means nothing.

So is it stupid? No, but it is questionable and poorly executed. (Microsoft dude person being an idiot)

The REAL reason for it: Everyone needs Live Gold accounts for everything. You have to be connected online to play, and all online features are disabled unless you purchase Gold Accounts.

So the ONLY way for Microsoft to make it work is to do away with their Gold Subscription. But, judging by their other recent decisions like their Office program being subscription based (I think) I doubt that they will do away with Gold.
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firelogic  +   817d ago
Yeah and what about the 30 million users not on Live? Given approx sales of 76 million total units with their estimate of 46 million on Live and taking into account 1 live user could have more than one xbox 360, and not counting replacement units, etc...30 million is a huge chunk of the audience they'd be alienating.
Nitrox  +   816d ago
I don't see how this makes a good argument to go online only... Such a move would cap the potential user base at a MUCH lower number than could be attained without the requirement. I mean if the next Xbox were to tap that entire user base it would still only sell 46 million units overall, that would be an epic failure.

I am personally capable of supporting an always online system, but would never even consider buying one because I feel it should be MY choice to connect or not. Although I still doubt those rumors will prove true...
badkolo  +   816d ago
if you have a original ps3 and if its connected to the internet its always on, look at the green blinking light by the controller port, it blinks all the time, why?? cause its always on.
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KwietStorm  +   816d ago
Always plugged in and a required always on connection are entirely two different things. I am completely lost as to why people keep using that same argument.
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level 360  +   816d ago
Big question is connection drop-offs.. always on is easy to say.

Read somewhere Microsoft is saying that when there would be interference/peak or heavy traffic in broadband service which do happen frrom time-to-time, the next-gen XBox(720) console would have at least (3)minutes of connected service while the system is being checked for inter-connection.

The idea is good, but what if it takes longer? I'm sure this could maybe(?) affect some of the hardware/or any of the circuit board system inside which could eventually lessen or worse break the console.

There could be some possibilty of warranty issues and maybe even a couple of owners/gamers suing for breakage.
bub16  +   816d ago
having this one simple feature will just lose you sales, a lot of my friends like to play games but dont bother with online, i guess they will have to buy a ps4.

also in my area internet is kind of limited and EXPENSIVE! its always cutting out and are area speed it 8mbps!

no point taking the risk at all. ps4 all the way now
Th3 Chr0nic  +   816d ago
8mbps wow i was lucky to get 2 mbps when i moved.
a_squirrel  +   816d ago
I get a max of 600KB/s download, but the stability isn't great. I usually don't make it through a game of Battlefield (2, or 3) and sometimes I get stuck, where I have no upload to the server, so my player just stands in one place.
kingPoS  +   816d ago
8mbps... that must be nice. I guess I'm lucky that that the 3mbps I get from att is solid enough to muster 720p from netflix.
bub16  +   816d ago
ok im not sure if you guys are talking about download speed or coming in from the wall speed, im on about phone line connection.

but damn 600kb-2mb!! ill quit bitching about my internet lol
ps3_pwns  +   816d ago
online only would defienetly screw you over big time in a post apocalyptic world lol.
OCEANGROWNKUSH  +   816d ago
Assuming we still have power lol
kingPoS  +   816d ago
I don't really like the idea of taking the 'owner' out of the 'ship'. I hope these online only rumors never come to pass, but the more I hear about it the more likely it seems.
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