Can Facebook Cure my Depression?

Planet Ivy: Sigmund Freud it ain’t, but a new study claims to show that Facebook can be good for your mental health. These aren’t the words of Mark Zuckerberg’s latest press release, but rather those of Dr Alice Good, whose study was brought to my attention by Yahoo News.

Dr Good claims that going over old posts and photos can have a “self-soothing” effect on your state of mind, lift bad moods and help treat mental health issues. Then again, science is a liar. Sometimes.

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loserboi1906d ago

It increases, I must say.

bytefeast1906d ago

True, but brings many social advantages though, events=going out=new people=happiness

moviewatcher1906d ago

Speaking from personal experience?

appleandroid1906d ago

It's like you see people as this advanced, perfect avator of themselves, and it distorts reality

Speed-Racer1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

You must be new to the Internet. Here, take this pamphlet and read up as much as possible.

gorillabiscuits1906d ago

I think Facebook has outstayed its welcome, and soon people will stop trusting it. And no, it can't cure depression in any way..

appleandroid1906d ago

Facebook's stats are already on the way down, watch!

bytefeast1906d ago

You say that, but can you disconnect your account?.....thought not!

wishingW3L1905d ago

Facebook will not die. People want to be connected and facebook offers that connection that goes beyond just simply using a cellphone. You can almost literally see people's lives through it.

Social networks are here to stay until the world is destroyed. This is part of the global age and it will stay forever just like modernism. Everybody wants to be modern.

wishingW3L1905d ago

every time I enter Facebook I only get more depressed but I keep doing it to see if I can get used to it and not care. Or may be I'm just a masochist.

RE_L_MAYER1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Facenuke gives you more depression and not cures it
Imagine just sitting reading all of peoples problems they talk about and sometimes its better not to go there

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