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AMD: Nvidia is ‘Bitter’ Over PS4 Snub

Maximum PC: "From insisting that it was the one who dumped Sony to taking a jibe at the Playstation 4’s AMD supplied custom APU, Nvidia has been behaving a lot like a jilted lover ever since the Japanese company unveiled its eighth-generation console last month. But what does archrival AMD, which currently enjoys a near-monopoly in the console market, have to say about why it was chosen ahead of Nvidia for Sony’s next-generation console?" (AMD, Gaming, NVIDIA, PlayStation 4, Sony)

newsguy  +   823d ago
oh, it's on now!
gaffyh  +   823d ago
It's on till the break of dawn!
adorie  +   823d ago
Ohhhhhh! You gonna just let AMD say that about you Nvidia?
mpctips  +   823d ago
Oh snap!
KingPin  +   823d ago
actually i would say nvidia is bitter over console snub. didn't the big three all go with AMD?

also nvidia hasnt done this much trash talking before. insecure much?
tachy0n  +   822d ago
why would nvidia be insecure? lol nvidia already knows pretty much everything about AMD technologies thanks to the many documents they posses from AMD!!
KingPin  +   822d ago
they insecure coz now they trying to tell people not to buy consoles. consoles were never meant to be superior than high-end pcs so why is Nvidia running their mouth like AMD tech is useless. if it was as bad as nvidia says, i think nobody would have used it in their consoles.

thing is, if nvidia were confident they would tell people why their tech is superior, not why you shouldn't buy the competitors products. and saying things like "Next gen consoles are low-mid range pcs" doesn't help their cause.
Erudito87  +   822d ago
that would be illegal and they probably did do that as they hired quite a few top level amd staff several months before the release of the 7000 series
SITH  +   822d ago
Sure doesn't look like they are bitter to me. Making console GPUs can be a gamble. They did not want to gamble and moved on with current projects that would have lost reasources if they made the console GPUs. Bitter? More like Business.
KingPin  +   822d ago
how would it be a gamble?
Chip manufacturers make profits from the get go. and its not like they had to open up a whole new R&D department or anything.

at the end of the day, they lost out.
SITH  +   821d ago
There is nothing cryptic about what I said. I clearly explained why they chose not to go with next gen consoles. Now read beyond the bandwagon material shoveled at you from this website. http://www.kenkotech.com/nv...

(Nvidia's VP of content and tech) "If we say, did a console, what other piece of our business would we put on hold to chase after that?" he tells the game site." - That alone summarizes what I clearly said and answers what you clearly did not get.
KingPin  +   821d ago
damage control my friend. thats all that is.

they had me when they said
"Didn't want to do the business at the price those guys [Sony] were willing to pay."
that i could understand.

but then they come out and say this

comparing a console to a thousand dollar graphics card. $1000. people don't even pay half of that for a console. remember what happened to the $500 PS3? doom and gloom.

and how many people will buy that oh so powerful card that they spent money creating? 2% of the pc gamer community? thats more of a gamble than actually putting GPUs in consoles.

guess nvidias wild spins seem to be working on you.
unfortunately for them, i can see through the bullsh!t.

oh and just before you start assuming im an AMD fan i should let you know that its not like i have a hatred for no reason against nvidia. they do make quality products. i can fully agree with that. but they shouldn't be bitter. they didn't wanna do business with console manufacturers, they shouldn't be down-talking the opposition that grabbed the opportunity.
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TheOneEyedHound  +   822d ago
The 7000 series is incapable of any error.
AMD needs this. Nvidia doesn't.

Sony's choice of AMD is completely logical, but not really about performance.
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PS4OUR  +   822d ago
How is AMD bitter over a complete monopoly of the console market?? Seriously, can anyone explain to me how they can be bitter over a market that is worth millions.

Nvidia should be the one's that are bitter because they missed out on serious revenue and an opportunity to bury AMD.

This move by AMD on the console front puts them right back into the game and Nvidia is feeling a little sour about it because the competition now has a considerable amount of leverage to fight back. And with AMD focusing on the mobile computing front it makes it even more difficult for Nvidia as that is where the future lies. Mobile devices. This is great for us consumers. More competition we have, the more we score. Seriously, everyone should be happy for this.
SITH  +   821d ago
I am curious. What makes you think making console GPUs is a sure thing. "...missed out on serious revenue..."


Pay particular attention to the second paragraph.

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