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Submitted by Vyralize 974d ago | news

US to remove Chinese computing hardware from federal systems amidst spying concerns

Vyralize: A New U.S. law has been passed forcing some federal agencies to consult with the FBI before purchasing computing hardware from The People’s Republic of China. (Hi-tech)

Vyralize  +   974d ago
Darn those Chinese and cheap hardware.
RonyDean  +   974d ago
I get my best crap from China! NOOO! haha...
mcroddi  +   974d ago
Seems like a good move. Spy shit.
gamernova  +   974d ago
Good move for the US. You can never be too careful.
monkey nuts  +   974d ago
They'll still get hacked though. A few years back in the uk they found keylogging softwear in millions of duracell/ Energiser usb powered battery chargers that had been bought/ used by the general public. Far to many to be some disgruntled chinesse worker/s.
They band them from entering the uk but this was nearly 2 years or so sinced they first began being shipped. No consequences for who ever was behind it all, not even a proverbial slap on the wrist.
ijust2good  +   973d ago
Americans are always bitter.. They've been hacking in other countries such as Iran for long time. Crippling there national network and energy sector. Yet if someone else attempts to do it or spy on them, its as if the world is coming to an end.

I'm sure a fat southerner from one of the bible bashing states will justify it with the words freedom, democracy, and god as only they can morally hack and spy on anyone they see fit. Any other nation attempts to do it are evil and bad doers, except America of course.

I was watching this documentary a few years ago and these bunch of rednecks, probably from Alabama or Texas, forget which state it was from but they believed that "Rambo" was based on a real life American hero who took on hundreds of Russian soldiers by himself lol. I bet they think "Chuck Norris" is a real hard man that can take on 3 UFC fighters with a slap lol.

No, wrestling is not real. Just though i say it.
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SilentNegotiator  +   973d ago
Gee, that was some fancy misguided Anti-American dribble poop, Mister. Allow my stupid American brain to process that one for a few decades.

Seriously, "Bitter"? You think the reason that they...ANY country hacking or spying that stops hacking/spying on themselves does so because they're "bitter"? Judging by your hateful, political cartoon like depictions of Americans, I'm sure you must have pictured Obama pouting and going "Hmmph! What meanies!"
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coolasj  +   973d ago
Why did we use computer parts made in other countries for our government anyway in the first place?
SilentNegotiator  +   973d ago
Because we barely have the capacity anymore. We had to have our stuff stupidly cheap, and now China makes half the stuff for the Western world.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   973d ago
lmao u think we make computer parts in america thats hilarious
plmkoh  +   973d ago
Pure propaganda against the rising economical superpower, that is China. It was already found that the majority of the 'hacks' that they were so concerned about don't come from China, but from eastern Europe.

Why on Earth would China even need to hack companies for secrets, they already have them by building their crap. The only thing they do hack are random emails and social-communication accounts for their 'dissidents'.

But please continue the game of charades, because China is the boogey man out to get you...I mean...they're communists, we can't trust em.
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SilentNegotiator  +   973d ago
^^Talk about pure propaganda^^

How do a few instances of Russia/E.Europe also hacking completely discredit attacks coming from China?
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Somebody  +   973d ago
Watch the pilot episode for the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series or the part in Star Wars Episode 1 where Palpatine executed Order 66.

It's not merely the online vulnerabilities that everyone should be afraid off. It's what the secret codes in those hardware might do in other situations that might be a bigger danger than intelligence gathering.

It would be catastrophic should the US and China went to war and all of sudden all US weapon system (electronically guided weapons, radar, satellites, drones) with hardware made in China suddenly refuse to work or suddenly attacking friendly units.

The Chinese might look like it's busy looking at emails and stuff but it might also be a deception. You know, deceptions, Sun Szu's (I think he's Chinese) favourite method of war.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   973d ago
ahem....Tzu its Tzu
zZSETHZz  +   973d ago
Do they not realise that about 70% of all computers manufactured are made in china and well over 90% of all laptops in the world are made by a company called Quanta, which, you guessed it, is a chinese company, good going america ¬¬

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