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The most anticipated tech of 2013

Cnet: The next iPhone, Xbox, PlayStation, and Galaxy phone are just a few of the gadgets we expect to see in 2013.

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-Mezzo-1851d ago

I'm about 99% sure it'll be dead on arrival, no one other than the ones who funded it will buy it.

fatstarr1851d ago

theres a big big big market for it, its the rage on forums. im picking one up just because its 99$ and I need something for the living room.

ouya will have a 2% market share in the entire videogame world. consoles, handhelds, pcs.

fatstarr1851d ago

S4, Next box, wikipad, ouya, shield. are my must have pickups for the year.

DivineHand1251850d ago

There is definitely allot to be excited for especially the new market entrants.