'Stop the bullshit' in wireless pricing says T-Mobile CEO John Legere

TheVerge - John Legere kicked off T-Mobile's event in New York City today with an unrelenting tirade against the carrier's competitors. "Stop the bullshit," the CEO said, referring to the traditional subsidy model being pushed by Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. "Carriers are really nice to you... once every 23 months," teased Legere, in a no-nonsense presentation even more aggressive than his speech at CES earlier this year.

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ArmrdChaos1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Oil, Pharmaceuticals, and Communications...the three vilest and unhindered types of corporations in the world.

fatstarr1914d ago

it gets even worse when you understand that a majority of the companies in that field are all tax dodgers and the companies have 100's of millions of dollars un taxed just sitting offshore never to be used.

your face when the top companies pay 0-3% tax on revenue.

1914d ago
Why o why1914d ago

sorry mate

insurance industry is the worst of the worst

kingPoS1915d ago

We need another CEO/s to follow his example.

Obamanationn1914d ago

this is funny , rumor there going to sell the GS4 for $99 :O

fatstarr1914d ago

if that were the case. they would take over to #1 in less than 2 months.

Gondee1914d ago

Hes trying to bring attention to T-Mobile and their new plans. While I probably wont be switching (AT&T has my ass locked down :/ ) Im really hoping it drives others to change their policies...

iNFAMOUZ11914d ago

he doesnt need to bring attention to tmobile and the plans, if people were smart they would have known about t mobile and their fabulous plans a long time ago.

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