Stealth Builds a Mini PC Around Ivy Bridge

Maximum PC: Give us a full tower PC loaded to the top with high-end hardware any day of the week, though we'll concede there are viable applications for small form factor (SFF) mini PCs that are tiny enough to hold comfortably in your hand. Intel made us a believer with its Next Unit of Computing (NUC), a surprisingly powerful pint-sized PC, and now Stealth has announced a potent and portable system of its own.

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newsguy1889d ago

Small PCs seem to be the new thing

Software_Lover1888d ago

Yeah, My ITX rig is great. If they could only get the GPU's smaller, I currently use a MSI frozr 7950, It would be even better.

mushroomwig1887d ago

Wouldn't overheating be an issue?

2pacalypsenow1887d ago

Pricing starts at $1,325. lol

DivineHand1251887d ago

At that price and specs I wonder if a niche market even exist for this product.