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Does the age of the Smartphone Spell the end for Nokia?

Planet Ivy: Oh Nokia you old Viking, what happened? You used to make the must have phones of the noughties, with games like snake as a standard, and phones like the 3310, built to withstand a small nuclear explosion.

Now it’s all ice cream sandwich OS’s, the latest i-Don’t-need-it products and apps that serve only to butcher productivity, that rule the mobile market from on high. With companies like Samsung and Apple firmly at the forefront of this charge make no mistake, we are now in the age of the smartphone. So is there any space left in our pockets for the rugged little Finnish mobiles? (Nokia, Phones, Smartphone)

gorillabiscuits  +   932d ago
I will always have fond memories of my Nokia 3210 - Could never have another Nokia though, Apple forever!
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therealmccoy  +   932d ago
Yeah, the brand can't survive on sentimentality. They just didn't adapt quickly enough
KingPin  +   931d ago
and in another 5-10 years people will be saying
"i have fond memories of my iphone 4S - could never have another iphone though. <insert popular brand> forever!"
solid_warlord  +   930d ago
They should have never agreed terms of exclusivity with the spawn of Satan - Microsoft.

They should have gone with Android. Allot of people just can't stand the look of W7&8 metro look. I, personally am allergic to it, seriously. Especially the W8 OS for PC. Its worse on PC by country mile.

Anyhow, Nokia days have been numbered. Nokia have not been relevant since iphone revolutionized smartphone. They have been outstripped by Samsung, Sony and soon HTC.
appleandroid  +   932d ago
Some of the new Nokia models are underrated, believe it or not
therealmccoy  +   932d ago
They have some good functionalities, but ultimately only going in at a low-price point could get any foothold in today's smartphone market.
The_KELRaTH  +   931d ago
But let down by Microsoft!

I've had a Lumia 800 since launch and it's so frustrating how many apps just don't "quite" work properly that work fine on Apple and Android i.e. I enjoy listening to podcast audiodramas which are often in book chapter form - thing is MS's player doesn't show the chapters / series No.'s etc as it doesn't allow for enough text info so it's useless.

This pretty well sums up my experiences with WP7.5 - oh I still can't update the phone to 7.8!!
When there's an Apple update it's ready for everyone.
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Wikkid666  +   931d ago
Have you plugged into the Zune software to check for the update?

WP8 is so much better than WP7x.
mcstorm  +   931d ago
My other half has a Lumia 800 and I have the 900 in the UK and we both have 7.8. Also have you tried the Nokia music player rather than Zune you may find that better.

It all depends on what you want so far ive not had a problem with apps I use. and I have WattsApp, Xbox Music pass, EPSN/Skysports News, WP7News, Engadgit, CNet, Skype, Facebook twitter, MyServer, TVguide+ (SkyPlus remote App) and then the Nokia apps as well as a few others and never found any issues with them where I did when I had Android 3 years ago but like any new OS they get better over time but IOS, Android, WP, Rim ect all have there + and - points and also people will like one over another as we all like different things.

For me I want to see Android, IOS, Rim and Windows Phone do well as having more choice is better for us all and also keeps all of them trying to out do each other.

As for Nokia what they have done with WP is nothing but amazing. I had a HD7 and Titan before my Lumia 900 and although I miss the big screen of the Titan I like the feel of the Lumia 900 and the extra Nokia Apps makes the OS feel better than HTC did.
Mikefizzled  +   932d ago
Bought the 920 last month. Definitely worth it.
Captain Qwark 9  +   931d ago
agreed. i liked my wp7 better than any iphone, my 920 is a beast. the only thing i dont like now is not using zune for syncing anymore. that was a bad call, otherwise my phone is way better than the iphone with the exception of apps but most of what i use is built into the os anyway.
Plasmana  +   932d ago
I bought a 920 a few months ago and had a 900 before that. I used to own an iPhone. I couldn't go back.
Wikkid666  +   931d ago
920 is a great phone! I love mine
yoshiroaka  +   931d ago
I think nokia is still "cool"

The problem is people dont really want windows phones.

If they get out of their deal with MS and start making Android phones i think they would see strong sales and be big again.

I love nokia phones and the only reason i dont have one now is that they dont do android.
segamon  +   931d ago
it's been happening for a while. Nokia came up late to this race.

I still have a N70 and it still works.
hard joe  +   931d ago
yes it does
chukamachine  +   931d ago
Nothing wrong with the nokia phones except Windows os. Nobody wants it.

Android is where it's at.
KingPin  +   931d ago
i was about to say the same thing.

Nokia should have went with android. we all know they built quality handsets, pair that with a OS people want <android> and it will sell volumes.

they just need to curb the whole "1 new feature = 1 new phone" mentality. coz in the 90s they were releasing a new phone almost every 3 weeks. < i know it wasn't that often, just felt like it was>
R6ex  +   931d ago
Yea. Gimme a Win 9 phone with stylus, or I'm sticking with my awesome Note 2.
AJ Hartley  +   931d ago
I thought the n8 was an exceptional phone I now use it as my mp3 player as there is an app that downloads anything from youtube im a sony fan all tthe way though the xperia range are my favourite phones ecspecially the x-z it really is waterproof haha .
tarbis  +   931d ago
The end of Nokia was when they partnered with M$.
Wikkid666  +   931d ago
Sorry but you couldn't even be more wrong...
Plasmana  +   931d ago
Yeah, it's like when Microsoft brought out the Xbox to compete with the Playstation 2. Everybody knew there was no chance M$ could make a dent in that market. Or.. when Windows came out against Mac OS. What were they thinking. Oh, and Visual Studio trying to compete against Borland. Better yet... MS Word trying to take down Wordperfect, or Excel trying dethrone Lotus 1-2-3. .NET trying to be Java. Sheesh! Microsoft obviously has no credibility when trying to bring out new products against incumbents.
mcstorm  +   931d ago
People seem to forget what MS can do and have done in the past. Also MS were once the top smart phone sellers with Wimo which is what Android is a lot like but it was a little bit for complex.

Apple and Android are top now and once you are at the top you cant stay there for ever in the IT world so at some point someone else will get top spot.
The_KELRaTH  +   931d ago
Somehow I don't think MS could work well behind bars had they stolen VisiCalc in today's patent anything world as they did back then.

Personally I think Microsoft "today" has a real consumer friendly attitude problem that seemed to gather momentum with the launch of Vista OS:-
Didn't want to upgrade to Vista? OK then we'll block your OS from the latest Directx

Windows Phones require replacing for each OS version (what's next.. replace your PC for each OS!)

Xbox 720 - single player games require you're connected to the internet - no connection =no gaming.

What MS was in the past is gone, it's a business label with a new CEO, staff and ideals.

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