Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs. Galaxy S III: what's changed?

Engadget - We live in an age of comparison, as we ruthlessly stack up one device against its brethren to determine which one will find its way into our affections. As is our way, we have searched deep within Samsung's Galaxy S IV to find out in which ways it exceeds 2012's flagship, and we post the results after the break for your enjoyment and amusement. Have at it, spec fans, have at it.

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-Mezzo-1925d ago

This turned out to be a much better upgrade that i originally thought.

solid_warlord1923d ago

Hahaha this is not a big upgrade...just an iphone like upgrade. Nothing revolutionary, allot of the new feature are gimmicky. Atleast change the design. The old leaked supposedly S4 prototype which looked allot like the new HTC, was way better looking. S4 should be smaller in the width and the battery should have been on par with Note 2. Im very dissapointed.

Raf1k11923d ago

I don't think it should be smaller width-wise. If it's a 1080p screen it needs to be the proper aspect ratio so movies don't have black bars.

I'm disappointed they didn't have a new design. Even though the processor is a jump up the fact that it looks like the S3 makes people think it's a small improvement.

However, I think if you've got a phone that's nearing 2 years old or older then this is going to be a worthy upgrade.

solid_warlord1923d ago

@Raf1k1 samsung havent announced which processor they gonna have. Its rumared to have the 8 core for european version & quad core snap dragon for american version. Apple gets allot of crap for not doing too much other othan adding gimmicky features but when others do it, no one talks about it. Truth is, samsung have done same thing as apple. Samsug really love Apple, they wanna be apple in there own way.

SnakeCQC1922d ago

What really? the screen is oled(uses alot less power and looks great) and 1080p there is a quad core variant(with 4 cores devoted to low power stuff)and a camera with 13 megapixels(the ultrapixels tanked and photos on the htc one look overprocessed) its going to be a great phone

solid_warlord1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

@erudito87 we will see if it does make any difference. Take the iphone for example. It has inferier spec than top end android and i have owned apple, samsung and htc phones and i can tell u...iphones are better in the battery and faster at using apps and browosing web...its OS are well optimised. I aint an apple fanboy infact i dont really like apple but when u use iphone u appreciate its battery life over others.

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Shani1924d ago

Good evolution of S3 for sure.

LOL_WUT1924d ago

Yea, after all the teasers and whatnot, it turned out to be very uninspiring not much changed.

despair1924d ago

quite a bit changed, its just that people expect too much so it seems like less than it is.

Speed-Racer1924d ago

@LOL_WUT - you Apple people know alot about that, right?

adorie1924d ago

Iphone 4 and Iphone 4s are both waving at you right now.

Soon the Iphone 5 and 5s will be waving at you too.

Baka-akaB1923d ago

lots of hypocrites on both sides imo without pointing fingers .

When it's just a power and hd resolution upgrade for an iphone many rages , yet the same folks are in awe of samsung just upping the power and resolution of its material .

Imo in any and both case going full hd finally seems like a step big enough for me at least

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R6ex1924d ago

I'll wait for the Note 3.

chukamachine1924d ago

It's a very nice upgrade of a design that obviously people like.

When you have winning products in s2,s3, why change to much for s4.

Features are a nice touch as well as the hardware upgrades.

GuyThatPlaysGames1923d ago

With that philosophy in mind, how come everyone frowns upon Apple for doing the same thing? Sounds like fanboyism to me! Iphone 3,3g,4,4s,and 5 were all successful so why completely change what's good?

gunnerforlife1923d ago

i hate apple, i repeat i hate apple.
But( theres always a but)
from iphone 4 to 5 theyve had the best design in the industry and for apple fans i think they shouls keep the design cuz it is a beauty,however under the hoodtheyre a generation behind.

SnakeCQC1922d ago

except the hardware for the apple products have incremental updates aswell as the design and ios hasnt changed at all. (to turn off bluetooth you go through settings etc a long process on android everything is much easier)

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