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Supposed Galaxy S IV leak resurfaces in high-res pics, lists more features and specs

Engadget - What is purported to be a dual-SIM equipped engineering sample of Samsung's Galaxy S IV popped up a few days ago in pictures and video on a Chinese forum, and now it's back for a better look.

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-Mezzo-1893d ago

I'm seeing Plastic all over the place,....Again.

Damn, Samsung.

Raf1k11893d ago

Yep, that's my biggest issue with Samsung phones.

I could live with it if they had better build quality but would much prefer something that felt as solid as the iPhone pre iPhone5

Dark_Vendetta1893d ago

I completely agree. I'm still on my (about) 3 years old Iphone 4 (and while it's still great for it's age, it starts becoming a little bit slow) and I'm looking for a new phone in the near future. Not too delighted with the Iphone 5 quality either, but Samsung looks like they'll take the plastic route once again -.-. The other thing that might turn me off is that the screens are getting bigger and bigger. I used a S3 for about a day and it freaks me out that I can't just use one hand to navigate properly (especially when you want to bring the setting "down" by swiping from the top of the screen).
The only innovation I'm really happy about is the use of two CPUs (hope I got that one right). One which is used for non app operating (and saves hopefully a lot of battery!), and a second one which is only used when high processing power is really needed. I know my Iphone 4 battery is "old" but it bugs me that I need to recharge my phone pretty much every day, even if I don't really use it that day. Well let's see what Samsung delivers in a few hours :)

RedSky1892d ago

People say the iPhone is durable, but it's not.

Pre iPhone 5 the screen and back were notorious for shattering. I've lost count of how many I've seen in public, on the bus.

The iPhone 5 instead has an aluminium coating that scratches off easily. Apple itself has come out to say it's 'normal'.

Samsung's polycarbonate may admittedly look flimsier but it's more durable and going by my 3 month Note 2, doesn't visible scratch.

Time will tell whether HTC One has the same issues as the iPhone.

Raf1k11892d ago

I agree the iPhones have their issues but IMO they've always felt really good to hold. I'm no Apple fan. The only Apple product I've ever had is an iPad Touch and personally use a Galaxy S2.

Yes the Samsung's plastic is durable but the main thing I want Samsung to improve on is the feel of their phones. I don't mind it being light but I want it to feel like I'm still holding £500 or whatever it may cost me.

SnakeCQC1893d ago

i like the plastic it means little signal issues and its better for the end user(open the back and repairs are easier etc) the metal unibodies that apple started are very wasteful as you need to replace the device if something goes wrong

aesmith19881893d ago

^^ Agreed plus that's just more of your money Apple is getting

iNFAMOUZ11892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

plastic is better
1. lighter phone
2. less signal tech interferance constraints
3. cheaper price
4. besides, this is the strongest carbon material yet on a galaxy.
5. super cool textured carbon look and feel

but if you prefer other phones, go riiiiiiight ahead.
im getting this baby day 1.