Watch Galaxy S4 Unveiling-Launch Live Streaming (Official) @ Unpacked Event 2013 [Episode-1]

Chiphazard: This is it folks!, the time is near for Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 smartphone to arise from the curtains at this year's first episode of Unpacked Event 2013, to be held in New York, USA at 7pm EST.

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GamersRulz1922d ago

Some cool gimmicks, nothing major at all. plasticky design is still lagging behind competition ( HTC one, Xperia Z and Lumia )

I expected more Samsung..

Dasteru1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Polycarbonate is alot stronger and more resistant than normal plastic, it may look similar but it isn't.

HTC One:

Same resolution, slightly higher PPI. But far lower contrast.
Same amount of Ram
Horrible primary camera, 4MP vs 13MP
Decent CPU but not nearly as good as the S4s
Horrible GPU
2300mAh battery vs 2600mAh and it's non removable (being that it is a li-on type, you better hope it never runs out of power cause the phone will become a worthless paperweight)

Xperia Z:

Same resolution, same PPI, But again far lower contrast.
Same amount of Ram
Storage only upgradable to 32GB vs 64GB
Slightly better primary camera, 13.1MP
Decent CPU
Same horrible GPU of the HTC One
2330mAh battery, again non removable.

Closer than the HTC, nearly as good in most area's and slightly better in a couple but also a couple of major downsides.

Lumia, Assume newest 920?

1280x768 resolution, 332PPI vs S4s 441PPI, IPS screen type = Horrible contrast and sharpness.
Only 1GB ram
8MP Primary camera
Horrible CPU
Horrible GPU
No FM Tuner
2000mAh battery, Non removable

Entry level phone, not even close to the S4 in any way.

Samsung showed almost exactly whats been rumored for the past month or so (other than the physical design) and it is very much an upgrade over the S3.

BTW, The polycarbonate case is actually used for a reason and while may not feel or look as good as an aluminum case, it is actually better as it is significantly lighter while retaining nearly the same scratch and impact resistance.

GamersRulz1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

you forgot two primary things from Xperia Z comparison:

The design ( which is more classier and more premium than S4)

Durability ( Water resistance/Dust resistance) hell you can leave the phone submurged in water for 30 minutes without any damage.

Those two features alone are more important to the average customer than most of what Samsung showed today.

EDIT: why are you downgrading Xperia Z and HTC one GPUs, its not like I'm gonna play Crysis on them!!

Dasteru1922d ago

Sorry for the misunderstanding on the GPU's. I didn't mean they are horrible in general, just that they aren't nearly as good as the GPU in the S4. It was all a direct comparison.

chaos-lockheart1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )


Xperia Z was tested underwater for 30 minutes, not underwater for only 30 minutes

abc12331921d ago

For the HTC One, if you're calling the camera horrible just because of the 4MP, then you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

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Lvl_up_gamer1921d ago

I love the Samsung design. I have no problem keeping the Polycarbonate plastic. It's light and feels great.

As for the whole being submerged underwater crap I have never used my S3 underwater, pretty sure I won't be needing to submerge my S4.

As for durability, I see a heck of a lot more broken iphone's in shops then I do any other phone on the market.

HiddenMission1921d ago


No it's not...durability is not why the average consumer buys high end phones...WTF

Bro we buy these phones for the seamless feature integration and easy UI it's just that simple.

Samsung again took the tech bumped it up a good amount but added a vast array of new features making functions that are on all phones a shit ton more simple.

You fail son...epic fail.

solid_warlord1922d ago

Oh man...S4 retains that ugly S3 design. I thought it would look like this...

Nah, Samsung had done an iphone..less innovation. Just gimmicky bullcrap. The width is to big, i was hoping it also had a higher battery but i rekon the battery is gonna suck just as in S3.

Dasteru1922d ago

The batter is 2600mAh which is better than any other smart phone on the market, it is also one of the few that is removable.

The S3s is 2300mAh which at the time of its release was also the best on the market, and still is better than alot of others while again being one of the few which is removable.

The CPU was a bit of a power hog on the S3 though and android has always been needy also which is why it ran out fast, nothing to do with the actual battery.

Although i would still rather have a lower cap batter that is removable vs a higher cap one that is built-in. Atleast i wont have to drop another $600 for a new phone every time i accidently let the battery reach 0% charge.

Using both a Li-on type battery pack and having it Non-removable is a major design flaw imo. And i will never buy any device that does it.

solid_warlord1922d ago

I used to own S3. I'll tell u one thing, the battery life on that was atrocious. I use my phone reasonable amount. The screen is basically using up to 70% of battery life. Its as if its running on idle all time. I put it on power save mode and put down the brightness to zero but still was dying so quickly.

I liked the S3 but the battery life didn't even last half a day. I had to go back to my iphone 4 which had far superior battery life.

Just because it has 2300mAh doesn't make it better, its the system and how it its incorporated.

Given that S4 will only get a few hundred mAh more will not make a massive different. S4 is already bigger and its 1080p resolution will drastically reduce it battery life. The biggest thing i ask for smartphones are battery guessing that is so much to ask. Yes, note 2 supposedly has the best but its ergonomically crap for me. I want a phone, note a mini tablet phone.

steve30x1921d ago

I love the look of the S4. I dont like the square look of other phones.

ThePundit1922d ago

What are those two slits in the back of the GS4 for?

Anarki1922d ago

They're on my Galaxy S 2 also, it's for sound.

badkolo1922d ago

the phone look sgreat and they killed it with everything else, the plastic design makes the phone light, and better signals, over the reveal was pretty cool and feature wise they showed tons and tons of new cool features

ajax171922d ago

And just like that my GS3 is outdated.

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