2000° F Solar Death Ray made from old TV

Vyralize: We’ve all dreamt of having our very own death ray, and one guy has made his dream come true.

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Vyralize1509d ago

Pretty neat! I need me one of these.

fatstarr1509d ago

I get the feeling that this is really more dangerous than it looks.

epic hack tho

mcroddi1509d ago

Holy shit. Can I like buy that??!

Max Power1509d ago

I love how he states that it's 2000F and yet he uses his hand to push the bottle of water under the beam.

Finalfantasykid1509d ago

That temperature is only at the focal point of the beam. Anywhere above or below that point will be significantly cooler.

Icarus_High1509d ago

Awww this meme forgot to add "Bitch" at the footer

Speed-Racer1509d ago

Nah, he didn't say "bitch". I actually thought so as well but

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