Galaxy S IV to have floating touch and Green PHOLED material AMOLED display

Sammobile: According to yet another rumour, the Galaxy S IV will use a new kind of AMOLED technology that will increase power efficiency

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gdguide1960d ago

If Samsung can release this phone with basically a hover over option and patent it properly, it's going to really handicap Apple from having a pretty essential feature in the evolution of these phones. Also patent the crap out of flexible displays that they've shown so Apple doesn't steal that idea by releasing their rumored flexible display watch.

Jihaad_cpt1960d ago

Floating touch and flexible displays have already been done by Sony though. So I guess Sony could profit too...

NewMonday1960d ago

Samsung is pulling gimmicks left and right, they are going all out for the "don't know what that is but sounds awesome" market.

like Apple and many other companies that had success they don't know where to go until someone else shows them.

SnakeCQC1956d ago

gimmicks? if you'd prefer phones just be phones go buy an old nokia

RE_L_MAYER1960d ago

It is time for radioactive batteries that have glowing green goo in them so we dont have to charge our phones every day

cyclindk1960d ago

There was an article on here or Yahoo recently, guy one an award for battery tech. Charge batteries in 2 to 3 minutes fully and use for about a week at a time.

Hope they are finally on the way and not being held back by the bureaucracy.

RE_L_MAYER1959d ago

In wiki there is nothing about graphene creating power-its rather a strength material

Speed-Racer1959d ago

It can be used as a base of a potential super transistor because of its storage capabilities.