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No Backwards Compatibility For PS4 and New Xbox? That’s Bull@%#

GamerFitNation: The lack of backwards compatibility really affects more then consumers. It affects the small and independent, developers and publishers as well. In this video Antwand Pearman talks about the pitfall of backwards compatibility, and how console creators such as Sony could fix this issue in a fair way. Business is business so I understand the move by companies like Sony and microsoft. Never the less as a consumer, or small developer this put us in a jam. (Gaming, PS4)

bebitech  +   750d ago
Not really, most consoles have never been backwards compatible. The PS2 to PS1 was really an anomaly.
DoomeDx  +   750d ago
This is not a suprised.
Im sick of the people saying its stupid while they know nothing about tech.

The PS3 games are designed and optimized for the CELL processor. Its pretty much like playing an xbox game on a ps3. Its not designed for it!
caseh  +   750d ago
That isn't exactly true.

The Megadrive could play SMS games with an adaptor, not stricly BC but at least they made the kit to give people the choice instead of expecting people to buy Megadrive carts with SMS re-releases on them.

PS1 couldn't really have BC as it was the first Sony console. :)
Captain Tuttle  +   750d ago
CELL was a disaster for Sony
kingPoS  +   750d ago
In what manner?
calis  +   749d ago
In no manner, because it wasn't.
dirthurts  +   749d ago
Not disaster, but it was a bad call.
They would have had better luck with a normal processor.
WitWolfy  +   749d ago
It was a disaster, no 3rd party dev wanted to develop on the PS3 at first hence its difficult architecture. And when they did the ports looked less then stellar compared to the 360 version.

It took 3rd party devs almost 4 to 6 years to get used to the Cell and its development scheme of things before it could be considered a decent port... Some games like Dead Space, COD, GTA, Ghost Busters, Bayonetta and Resident Evil are prime example of problems some devs had to face when porting games to the PS3...

Hence why the PS4 is going to be 1000 times easier to develop for; When comparing PS3 development to 360!
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Captain Tuttle  +   749d ago
WitWolfy answered the question. By the time first party developers got a handle on the thing PC games were outperforming the best the PS3 had to offer. Billions in R&D and then billions more in price cuts to catch up with the 360 years after launch? Yeah, a disaster. If they went with an equally powerful, more traditional hardware they would have dominated again and been rolling in money. It would have been cheaper to purchase, easier to program for with less sunk costs.
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etownone  +   749d ago
Well said...

Any Sony Dan that doesn't agree is just in denial.
GamingManiac  +   750d ago
Nope, just hope ps3 and ps4 can be placed on eachother, to save some room :D
Cueil  +   750d ago
I'd like to see them try and at least get XBLA and PSN games running
kingPoS  +   749d ago
I would too. But from I understand Sony isn't focusing on direct backwards compatibility at the moment. For the time being, it's best to keep a ps3 around.
gamernova  +   750d ago
Just keep your old consoles? :)

Especially if you ps3 is the older model that can run ps2 and 1. Those things are pretty damn rare.
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steven83r  +   750d ago
Exactly man. I still have my Original PS1, PS2 and 60GB PS3. Also NES/SNES/N64/Genesis/Dreamcast and others. People need to stop complaining about BC and just keep your old systems. It's not like Sony is sending out a firmware to brick your systems once the PS4 is released.
steven83r  +   750d ago
People need to stop bitching about no BC. Consoles were never BC. Sony pretty much started that. No one bitched about the BC of the SNES/NES. Saturn/Genesis. And so on. If you are a true gamer you don't sell your consoles. I am not willing to pay extra for BC and most gamers are the same way. If Sony said PS4 would be BC for 600-700 would you truly pay? I bet no.
steven83r  +   750d ago
People are goddamn morons bitching about BC. Sony already said they are putting most of the games online. Same people bitching about it, why are you not bitching about your car stereo no longer playing cassette tapes? Or CD players going out? Because our music is now digital. I still have my old tapes, CDs and some records but i have all of them in a digital library now. And with Sony doing this for games i ask what is the difference?
MEsoJD  +   750d ago
Different architecture...
worldwidegaming  +   750d ago
Keep it moving. Go forward not backwards!
Want a ps3? buy one. Better to have a chip going forward rather than backwards.
crazyclown  +   749d ago
Totally agree with that statement! Props
Sh0ckWav3  +   749d ago
when i buy a new system i dont even bother with the old..
airforcex  +   749d ago
Who cares. Get an old console if you want.
SouthClaw  +   749d ago
Nothing has been said on if the next Xbox will or will not have backwards compatibility. It is more likely than ps4 which we know will not unless you stream the game.

Also yes the CELL was a bad move it was too complicated to develop for and did not allow backwards compatibility for ps2 games.
Sy_Wolf  +   749d ago
How exactly could Sony do backwards compatability without building a PS3 in to the PS4? Stupid person is stupid.
black911  +   749d ago
My PS3 isnt going anywhere so it wont matter,,
level 360  +   749d ago
It's not a big deal really.. I think a lot of gamers' will keep their beloved PS3/XBox360 consoles on their shelves and will still be playing games alongside next-gen PS4/XBox720 once they are released.

That is what I'd do.
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   749d ago
Well said!!
Captain Tuttle  +   749d ago
NO BC for 360 sucks too although that hasn't been confirmed yet. I hope MS finds a solution, even if it's just emulation like in the early days of this gen.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   749d ago
Not a Big deal!, just keep your old systems or emulate it. or if you don't have then find a secondhand console and its games if your a collector. most systems are not backwards. we survived the ps3 and nobody among the majority complained about backwards compatibility even though it was included in the ps3 launch
etownone  +   749d ago
I really hope this isn't true.
I gave like 80 games for my 360,and I don't want to keep my 360 around just to play them.
listenkids  +   749d ago
Is it really so difficult to keep your current console when the next cycle comes about? I still have a ps2 and play FINAL fantasy sometimes. By the time the next gen comes the price wouldn't be worth selling, and if you missed out in this gen and wanted to try with next gen, tough shit.

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