Windows 9 release date, news and rumours

Techradar-With Windows 8, Microsoft tried - not entirely successfully - to make tablets part of a continuum that goes from number-crunching workstations and high-end gaming rigs through all-in-one touchscreen media systems and thin-and light notebooks down to slender touch tablets, all with the same OS, aiming for the best of both of today's computing worlds. What will it do for the next version of Windows?

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Settler1902d ago

Anybody cares, I don't think so

silenius1901d ago

Just release Windows 7 Service pack 2 & 3...
we don't care about the rest. :)

Yi-Long1900d ago

... and certainly for me a reason to hold off from buying a new PC/laptop.

It might even turn me away from Windows altogether, and I hope other developers will start releasing their software (for example Photoshop) for Linux/Android, or else it might lead me to look for alternatives for those programs as well.

I really wish I could just have the choice to buy a new laptop/desktop with Windows 7 instead of W8, which sadly is impossible here in Hong Kong, unless I buy a seperate OEM version of 7.

Settler1900d ago

wahoooooo I guess their is someone who want Windows 9 and care about it :P Thats why he disliked my comment :P

Cueil1901d ago

I wouldn't mind a more aggressive turnaround for Microsoft... bi-annual releases with major updates in-between...

Yi-Long1900d ago

... I wish they would have just stuck to Windows 7 for laptops/desktops, and kept the OS for tablets/phones seperate.

Cueil1900d ago

but that would be going the opposite direction that the industry is heading in... even Linux with Ubuntu and Unity is moving in that direction

Yi-Long1900d ago

... I just care about having a proper OS for the relevant device I use. That means a touch-OS is perfectly fine for a phone or tablet, but when I'm on a desktop or laptop, I have some other demands.

steve30x1901d ago

If this person is talking about project windows blue then aparently its the first service pack for windows that removes the start screen and puts back the start button.

mcstorm1901d ago

That's not true. It dose not put back the start button it give you the ability to stop the charms bar ect from popping up when working in some programs.

I don't see why Windows 8 has so much hate I have Windows 8 on my Work laptop and I also own a Surface RT and I have never had an issue using them in any environment. I don't use the new UI Apps on my laptop but the new start menu is imo faster and easer to use them then the original start menu because you can pin anything you want to the start screen.

As for the Surface the New UI is used all the time on it and again never had any issues and the desktop mode using the surface keyboard and mouse.

Farsendor11900d ago

i don't want to rely on touch for everything i would rather use my mouse

mcstorm1900d ago

@Farsendor1 Since when dose Windows 8 rely on touch? As I said I have Windows 8 on my work laptop and it is none touch so I use my Mouse.

Th3 Chr0nic1900d ago

its a pile of stinking crap is why ppl dont like it. no reason for them te change the design so drastically. its cumbersome and clunky and I hate it.

mcstorm1900d ago

@Th3 Chr0nic I agree its not for everyone but to say "its cumbersome and clunky" is not true. its not harder to use than Windows 7 and it also runs faster than Windows 7.

Its a change MS needed to make to give us on OS across touch and none touch devices.

If you don't like it then fine stay on Windows 7 but it is far from a Bad OS.

Th3 Chr0nic1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

it is my opinion that it is clunky and cumbersome. and it being speedier makes no matter when it takes 5x longer to find anything on such a cumbersome interface with layers of color and glittery bs that just isnt needed. user want functionality not pretty UI that is so far removed from what windows has been for 20 years or more.

mcstorm1900d ago

@Th3 Chr0nic how is it harder to find something. Bring up the start menu and start typing what you are looking for just like you can click on start and then the search on windows 7 but you don't need to click in the search this time.

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konnerbllb1901d ago

Why are there comments in this article from 2011?

Th3 Chr0nic1900d ago

i will only care about windows 9 if they remove everything that slightly resembles windows 8 from the design