3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production

Wired: Kor and his team built the three-wheel, two-passenger vehicle at RedEye, an on-demand 3-D printing facility. The printers he uses create ABS plastic via Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). The printer sprays molten polymer to build the chassis layer by microscopic layer until it arrives at the complete object. The machines are so automated that the building process they perform is known as “lights out” construction, meaning Kor uploads the design for a bumper, walk away, shut off the lights and leaves. A few hundred hours later, he’s got a bumper. The whole car – which is about 10 feet long – takes about 2,500 hours.

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mrtechnology1908d ago

I'm gonna buy one the 1st day I can, look amazing!

Crazyglues1908d ago

Wow I'm still pretty shocked that this is even possible..

Speed-Racer1908d ago

I'm pretty sure even if it became a thing, the government would find a way to impede its progress to support the oil industry.

Liquid_Ocelot1908d ago


Exactly, as usual and as they have done with pretty much everything. :/


dcbronco1907d ago

Actually the government is the main one pushing this technology. They could have been the first actually. Wanna guess why? As usual for war.

If you could print the parts you need onsite for your war you would save tons of money and could then start even more wars. Their plan was to be able to print parts or even whole tanks where they needed to be so they would only have to send the personnel to use them.

Speed-Racer1907d ago

They're pushing it for their military, not consumers like us. Military tech does find its way to the consumer market, but only many years after. Why not skip that step and introduce it to us first?

ProjectVulcan1907d ago

Yes you can print a bunch of army hardware but you can't print a bunch more right wing conservative loyalists and willing war participants....

dcbronco1905d ago


Actually I've met a local group of engineers and computer people that made their own. This will be coming to everyone for everything. It's just as good at making parts for a pre-fab dresser as it is at tank parts. And much cheaper doing it. You also have to think replacement parts on demand.


Why print more right wingers. Left wingers will never stand up to the few making war now. Obama has been every bit as bad as Bush. With Democrats like these who needs Republicans.

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ArmrdChaos1908d ago

For prototyping this might work...mass production...not even close.

kingmushroom1907d ago

finally ! i can print out a life size Gundam Wing

level 3601907d ago

Very impressed with the tech but not really the vehicle outcome.

frjoethesecond1907d ago

I'm gonna print a 911 Turbo with this. In my dreams most likely.

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The story is too old to be commented.