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Submitted by mpctips 1006d ago | news

Internet Explorer 10 Now Available for Windows 7

Maximum PC: Microsoft may have taken its sweet time porting Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) over to Windows 7, but it's finally finished and ready for mass consumption. IE10 is available to download worldwide in 95 languages, with Microsoft planning to auto-update Windows 7 customers to its latest browser in the coming weeks, starting today with customers running the IE10 Release Preview. (Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft, Software, Web, Windows 7)

newsguy  +   1006d ago
I'm sticking with chrome
ATi_Elite  +   1005d ago
Safari and Opera for me!
SilentNegotiator  +   1006d ago
I can't wait to update my browser downloader!
Speed-Racer  +   1006d ago
Plagasx  +   1006d ago
konnerbllb  +   1006d ago
I think if we can figure out how to use chrome from a flash drive we would never even need IE to download the latest chrome for new installs.

Forward thinking.
jairusmonillas  +   1006d ago
eh too bad I already installed chrome, I mean I love using IE as my chrome downloader so this would be awesome I think I should uninstall my Chrome then update to IE10 and install Chrome again!

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