Copyright Alert System launches Monday; watch out Internet pirates

Vyralize: The Copyright Alert System (CAS) goes live on Monday as part of an ISP level tactic to crack down on Internet piracy.

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jerethdagryphon1911d ago

um do isps realize that by zipping the file someone can create a new hash or even by compressing it repacking its bunk it will only work for ripped untouched data

like dling a win 7 retail disc cause yours broke.

you check the md5 and hash to make sure its unaltered

this will have no affect

Yi-Long1911d ago

... I have a 100 euro 'budget' every month that I spend on 'entertainment'.

If I can't download series and movies for free (and then buy the ones I liked/loved), now I'll just spend part of that 100 euro budget on buying ripped versions from some smarter (less lazy) pirate than I am for giving me 'safe' copies, and because I then already 'bought' these illegal version, I won't buy that same product twice.

This will cost Hollywood more money, as most research has already shown that piracy actually leads to MORE sales, not less.

RonyDean1911d ago

Well shit... this is not good...

brandonw001911d ago

I'm sure loads of people will just start using a VPN.

PFirefly1911d ago

Getting torguard first thing when I get home from work. Been putting it off, but this is too much. Regardless of whether I'm doing something I shouldn't, I hate having someone watching over my shoulder all the time.

mcroddi1911d ago

Piracy is a cruel mistress.

karim1911d ago

Dang, huge number of disagrees..Can't blame them, do you really want someone that watches every single thing you do?

2pacalypsenow1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

yeah people are just cheap they want everything free i wonder if they created somenthing and people got it for free they wouldnt feel the same way about piracy. i just dont agree with piracy and people act like the goverment isnt watching what we do man tbey already do

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The story is too old to be commented.