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Submitted by Vyralize 1082d ago | news

Copyright Alert System launches Monday; watch out Internet pirates

Vyralize: The Copyright Alert System (CAS) goes live on Monday as part of an ISP level tactic to crack down on Internet piracy. (Industry, Services, Web)

Vyralize  +   1082d ago
Wow that sucks! :( :(
jerethdagryphon  +   1081d ago
um do isps realize that by zipping the file someone can create a new hash or even by compressing it repacking its bunk it will only work for ripped untouched data

like dling a win 7 retail disc cause yours broke.

you check the md5 and hash to make sure its unaltered

this will have no affect
Yi-Long  +   1081d ago
It's a dumb move anyway....
... I have a 100 euro 'budget' every month that I spend on 'entertainment'.

If I can't download series and movies for free (and then buy the ones I liked/loved), now I'll just spend part of that 100 euro budget on buying ripped versions from some smarter (less lazy) pirate than I am for giving me 'safe' copies, and because I then already 'bought' these illegal version, I won't buy that same product twice.

This will cost Hollywood more money, as most research has already shown that piracy actually leads to MORE sales, not less.
RonyDean  +   1082d ago
Well shit... this is not good...
brandonw00  +   1082d ago
I'm sure loads of people will just start using a VPN.
PFirefly  +   1081d ago
Getting torguard first thing when I get home from work. Been putting it off, but this is too much. Regardless of whether I'm doing something I shouldn't, I hate having someone watching over my shoulder all the time.
mcroddi  +   1082d ago
Piracy is a cruel mistress.
2pacalypsenow  +   1082d ago
karim  +   1081d ago
Dang, huge number of disagrees..Can't blame them, do you really want someone that watches every single thing you do?
2pacalypsenow  +   1081d ago
yeah people are just cheap they want everything free i wonder if they created somenthing and people got it for free they wouldnt feel the same way about piracy. i just dont agree with piracy and people act like the goverment isnt watching what we do man tbey already do
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cyclindk  +   1082d ago
All those "content providers/creators" should consider spending their money on making their products available cheaper, conveniently and in a SINGLE DAMN VENUE online or otherwise and they would have far less issues with piracy, not to mention issues with regions and when and how things may be released.

They created all these problems themselves in all reality.

Give people an incentive, OTHER than punitive measures, to pay for their products and just maybe they could make infinitely more money on their hard work.
2pacalypsenow  +   1081d ago
so creating a product that you want isnt incentive at all?
cyclindk  +   1081d ago
It's incentive, but there are varying degrees of this yes?

There are few, if any movies, or games for that matter that I would care to buy (let alone rent) even for TINY sums like during the Steam sales.

Again, content varies depending on the quality so much that, yes, there needs to be much MORE incentive especially in an evolving market where download should NEVER cost what they do at a retail outlet. Also making it absurdly difficult for the consumer to get all of what they want from a single venue is the OPPOSITE of incentive.

I don't want to have to go to Netflix, Amazon Streaming, Hulu and whatever else there is to get everything... jesus the accounts to manage and all that alone is a huge deterrent. I'd rather just not watch anything then bother with it.

Example, I stopped watching TV altogether about six or seven years ago, one reason, the Preview channel disappeared for a good while so I didn't care anymore about messing with it, simple as that. It was brought back later, in short though, it doesn't take much to turn a consumer off, and having a LOT to deter consumers is why these companies' sales suffer.

Seriously, MOVIE COMPANIES create a unified (joint) bit torrent-esque site, sell your stuff for one to two to five dollars (or a flat monthly fee), unlimited re-downloads, streaming options, and you will have billions more in revenue. Tada!

Hell throw music in there too, though I don't listen to music.

I never remember going to Blockbuster video and wonder whether or not they would carry this or that studio's movies... it's so sill now that it SHOULD be simpler and easy to access yet all the content is split up across a dozen different online services...
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tachy0n  +   1082d ago
EVERYONE!! sign the petition to stop this!!!!!

Software_Lover  +   1081d ago
I told people they should have tried the president and everyone who voted in the Patriot Act for treason. Now its too late.
GamingManiac  +   1082d ago
Does this affect Canada, or is it US only?
Speed-Racer  +   1082d ago
USA only.
gaffyh  +   1081d ago
For now,,,, i could easily see UK doing this in less than a year :(
Dark_Overlord  +   1081d ago

Then lets just hope that the EU class an IP address (Its still an on going debate) as personal information, meaning the companies could never request it :)
Kurylo3d  +   1082d ago
Say goodbye to internet freedom. The government takes control of something it doesnt even own.
WeedyOne  +   1081d ago
Its not the Government monitering the internet, its the internet providers like AT&T and Timewarner who will do this.

There will be no legal actions taken against those who do DL illegal content other than the possibility that these internet providers will limit your bandwidth or cut your internet off.

Not saying I agree with these policies i just wanted to point out that this has nothing to do with the government.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1082d ago
Well, Anonymous? What are you waiting for? Be useful and go f*** that system up. Unlike some other recent ventures, this one would be a no brainer.

Time to get the Supreme court involved, too.
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Zechs34  +   1082d ago
no way to block this from our end?
monkey nuts  +   1081d ago
I"ve been informed by someone in the know that if you cover your moniter with a towel or something when D/Ling you should be safe from detection. . . . . .
Zechs34  +   1081d ago
lolol bubs to you.
hazelamy  +   1081d ago
in theory, protecting copyright is good, but the trouble is, the rights holders are a little, let's be diplomatic and say, overzealous in going after what they call copyright theft.

look at how many times they get legitimate youtube channels taken down, when what they're doing is 100% legal.
just look at Littlekruiboh, maker the the Yugi abridged series.

when some music publisher shut down some guys channel because he has the same name of one of their artists you know they're overstepping their legal rights.

these publisher would like to be able to just take away you net access without any proof or verification of your supposed crimes.

just think how much of your life these days is carried out online.
even the UN recognises how important the net is these days.


they should ban these publishers that make false copyright claims, they'd check their bloody facts then wouldn't they.
sealava  +   1081d ago
if your gona pirate you shouldn't be living in the USA in the first place
its a country for the rich to get richer only.
T3MPL3TON  +   1081d ago
You forget that not every wealthy person is a greed slob. There are plenty of hard working people who earned their place.
Software_Lover  +   1081d ago
They are the minority and are not involved in Politics or have a political family heritage. The same families have been f'n up Americas for centuries.
snake_eater  +   1081d ago
what if someone steals my wifi signal?
Dark_Overlord  +   1081d ago
Then you'll be very unlucky, they've adopted the guilty until proven innocent approach, which is complete BS
nikrel  +   1081d ago
This information has not even been advertised to their customers, I knew nothing about this and i'm sure 99.9% of others do not as well. The only reason I know anything about this is because I check n4g/techspy.

This is way over the line, everything we do is being monitored, I mean I knew it was. The thing is I never agreed to knowingly let someone shift through my browsing practices.

Mind you, I never download anything pirated, I do not even use p2p software.

This is outrageous.
nikrel  +   1081d ago
Visit this take the two seconds to stop this outrageous practice.

mcstorm  +   1081d ago
I agree with this but I would rather have things like this in place to monitor what people are doing on the web to catch Pedo's, Rapist's, Bully's, Terrorist's and more before they crack down on people downloading a film that has made more money then any other film this year.

If film company's put there head together like the music industry has and offer all films on services like Netflix ext instead of making films exclusive to one or another then more people would look at services like this.
Vishaka  +   1081d ago
well isn't this interesting
kingPoS  +   1081d ago
Something else is going here, I'm getting a bad feeling that this is just a smoke screen.
aiBreeze  +   1081d ago
Goodbye internet freedom in the states, all those billionaires are crying that they might be forced to downgrade their luxuries from private flights to first class.
ssj3goku87  +   1081d ago
If you're all pirating content then whats the point of making content in the first place if its all going to be pirated?? Putting movies/music on netflix/itunes requires contracts and lots of money. Why cant content creators do what they want with their IPs without you stealing and not paying for their creations?
tachy0n  +   1081d ago
creators already have more than enough money to eat.

dont be a sheep.
ssj3goku87  +   1081d ago
Wow that is really ignorant. What about indie developers?? people pirate their shit too!
2pacalypsenow  +   1081d ago
lol tipical pirate
kingmushroom  +   1081d ago
Ill just get my movies from the Mexican near the Laundromat their HD quality on DVD and only $5 :)
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Alkaline1240  +   1081d ago
Got Charter. Aint even mad.

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