Sony announces PlayStation 4

Vyralize: After many weeks of waiting, Sony has announced the PlayStation 4.

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Vyralize1946d ago

Man it sucks that it can't play PS3 games :(

caseh1946d ago

Not surprising really, they didn't halt manufacture on the PS3 60gb models with b/w compatabiliy due to costs. Its because far more money can be made from reselling the games via PSN.

I imagine PS4 will be the same, but with PS3 classics available through its variation on the PSN store.

Sarcasm1945d ago

Yeah it would have been nice to just sell the PS3 and fund that towards the PS4 and have one system.

But they did say "in the future" they are planning to support PS1, PS2, and PS3 games through Gaikai. Maybe once broadband gets better for more consumers.

RonyDean1946d ago

I NEED ONE OF THESE NOW! - The low power mode is quite awesome also glad they are using Gaikai. it looks pretty great so far!