First bionic hand that ‘feels’ and can be controlled with mind

Vyralize: Scientists have developed the first bionic hand which they say will be controlled by a human’s thoughts and can also receive input and send those signals to the brain via the nervous system.

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RonyDean1945d ago

FINALLY I can have my third hand!!!

Vyralize1945d ago

What are you going to do with it? ;)

gedapeleda1944d ago

I'd be dead afraid to wank with that thing.
What if it doesn't let go and crushes it ?

Crazyglues1944d ago

I don't know why people think this is a good thing? we are just getting closer and closer to Terminator.. (did you not see how this all ends in the movie) -LoL

-It's only a matter of time before that hand becomes self aware, and then what..

brandonw001945d ago

So does this mean real life Terminator is around the corner?

Crazyglues1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Yes, yes... It's only a matter of time now...

Soon we will have to build just to keep up with what japan is building

We can't let japan be the only ones with super robots.. -LoL

mcroddi1945d ago

I believe it when I see it

Speed-Racer1944d ago

Wow, this is pretty bad***

SnakeCQC1944d ago

hopefully serif industries will enhance us all lol

Downtown boogey1944d ago

Just when I had forgotten about that. Perfect :D

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