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Burger King's Twitter Account Suffers a McHack Attack

Maximum PC: Perhaps, as one Twitter user commented, "Whopper123" isn't a secure password. Whatever password Burger King was using to lock down its Twitter account, hackers figured it out and promptly got to work with a McDonalds themed makeover. The cyber pranksters changed Burger King's Twitter handle and avatar, and posted a series of fake tweets, one of which claimed the fast food joint had been sold to McDonalds.

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justinbkerr1889d ago

At least they made it easy to figure out who to sue.

KingPin1889d ago

well, not really. McDz will say its not them or tell BK to prove that it wasn't a practical joke and that McDz employee(s) actually hacked their twitter account.

Vishaka1889d ago

I wonder if the hackers name was Mcloven?