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Will consumers choose Tablets, Phablets over PCs in 2013?

Mirolta : Comparing to Android and Apple, Microsoft have been loosing ground over the tablet and phablet market as PCs are no longer considered desirable items that are worth replacing frequently. The launch of Windows 8 is said to have seen 60 million license sales in the first week of launch, which the company say is in line with previous releases.

Microsoft apparently draws half its profits from sales of its Windows OS, so any drop in revenue here is likely to be a huge problem for the company. In fact, the last quarter of 2012 is the first recorded instance of PC sales steadily dropping over time. Meanwhile, it isn’t been hard for Apple to sell ipad units. The new devices fit neatly into people’s work and play habits and Windows 8 just isn’t making the kind of splash it needs to be making..... (Android, Apple, Gadgets, Hi-tech, Microsoft, PC, PC hardware, Phones)

Yi-Long  +   961d ago
As long as a new desktop/laptop comes with W8...
... I'm not willing to buy a new laptop/desktop...

... so right now I'm indeed looking at powerful tablets (android) which hopefully are able to cope with some of the stuff I want/need to do on a PC. (photo-editing, some drawing programs, etc)
Grap  +   959d ago
desktop doesn't come with W8 idiot u chose ur own OS.
Yi-Long  +   958d ago
Here in Hong Kong....
...new desktops and laptops come with Windows 8 pre-installed. No choice available for Windows 7.

'Idiot'. (see how immature that sounds!?)

I'm a graphic designer. I already use a tablet (wacom) to control my photoshop and crap. If there's a powerful tablet with some good quality BASIC photo-editing software, like cropping and basic color-adjustments, you're already pretty much halfway there already, so it wouldn't require a mouse or keyboard.

Obviously a tablet will not replace a powerful desktop/laptop for serious graphic design, at least not in the near future, but considering that for the next year orso I only need to do some basic photo-editing anyway, a tablet might be enough to suit MY needs, just so I don't have to buy a new desktop/laptop that will come with an OS I absolutely don't want.
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fatstarr  +   959d ago
it takes 10 more steps to do something that a right click from a mouse and keyboard can do in 1 move.

hence why tablets are nothing more than a novelty.

serious photo editing on a tablet... give that to a professional not sponsored by some gimmick app and see the truth,
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monkeyfox  +   959d ago
STOP CALLING THEM PHABLETS!!!! Its the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard.. wa%$%$ers...
feels  +   958d ago
steve30x  +   958d ago
Would you rather them be called giant phones then?
monkeyfox  +   958d ago
well just "phone" would do... if its a phone.. and er... tablet if its a tablet.. just an idea.
f789790  +   953d ago
The devices themselves are ridiculous.
jairusmonillas  +   959d ago
It can replace laptops, but never replace a freaking high end desktop. tablet phablet whatever it is android or ios they are all lacking what a real powerhouse desktop pc can do.
eferreira  +   959d ago
I'm torn between the windows surface rt or the ipad with retina.
DivineHand125  +   959d ago
It all depends on the users. People in low income homes might find a low priced tablet more appealing to an expensive laptop or desktop since every year tablets are getting more and more productive.

Also people who use laptops and desktop for nothing but social network sites, news, email and the occasional word processing, spread sheet or powerpoint might also find a tablet more appealing since it is cheaper, more portable and the battery last much longer.

Students that are doing courses that doesn't need applications that can only be found on the PC might also prefer to use tablets. I'm seeing it at my university where students are using their tablets to display notes, check mails and the occasional goofing off on social network sites on their tablets instead of their laptops.
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Fluke_Skywalker  +   959d ago
As most people have eluded to I think for serious stuff I.e photo and video editing, music production, serious office work and programming and such, tablets will never replace the PC.
For casual stuff like social networking, browsing the web, listening to music etc tablets are already replacing the PC.
I don't own one yet my self but I do plan on getting one this year at some point.
level 360  +   959d ago
I do hope this inevitably would drive prices of PC even down, because I still am not going to give-up using my PC.. just yet. And I'm just about to upgrade it soon.

I'm not really into these tablets and laptops.. I can understand it if it's work/school connected/related and do know they are very enticing and sometimes might even be helpful, but I don't want these devices to overtake my life when I'm outside and simply living and enjoying the environment.

Think a good mobile phone is what I need.
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DivineHand125  +   959d ago
Don't write off the tablet. I'm sure if you got one you would find it very useful and an improvement to your daily lively hood. As for upgrading your PC, you don't need to make a big investment upfront. Instead you can just buy the bare minimum parts you need for it to be running and add the rest as time progresses. Use some of the parts from you current PC(I'm assuming your PC isn't that old) to make up for the parts that are missing that you might need. I personally started my current PC with just a board, processor and ram then used parts from my older PC to temporarily complete it till I had the funds to finish it with newer parts.
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thebudgetgamer  +   959d ago
I don't know if I'll chose one or the other, I'd like both to compliment the other.
aviator189  +   959d ago
all i need is my phone, surface pro, and my gaming rig at home and i'm set.

I don't see the need to buy a tablet anytime soon.
DivineHand125  +   959d ago
isn't the surface pro a tablet?
aviator189  +   959d ago
not in the traditional sense.
it's in the form of a tablet, but it's basically a full pc, so I don't consider it just a tablet.

but that's just me.
steve30x  +   958d ago
I have a tablet and its a Tegra 2 tablet. Its good for gaming but I still rather my PC. Tablets are really only good for social netwroks and the internet.

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