Purchased an Android app? The developer knows where you live

Geek: Purchasing an app is the ultimate example of a micro-transaction in our world today. You click “buy”, $0.99 leaves your account, and you have new software. You might never use that app again after that first 30 minutes, but you have access to it forever, on all your devices that use that operating system. It’s a carefree experience, right until you realize that Google passed a lot more than some percentage of your dollar to the developer.

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SnakeCQC1919d ago

nothing new google and apple do this also have an ios device? apple knows where you go step by step

fatstarr1919d ago

people once said windows security was horrible

then mobile os'es came out.

Speed-Racer1919d ago

This isn't news. When you install an app, they tell you this in the Terms and Conditions...oh wait, people don't read those.