Chip Crazy: Intel Does the Harlem Shake

Maximum PC: Oh Internet, are there no bounds to your silliness? It sure doesn't appear that way, with the newest fad sweeping through cyberspace being the Harlem Shake. Variations of the meme are racking up millions of hits on YouTube, and everyone seems to be doing it, possibly even your grandmother. Intel uploaded its own version of the Harlem Shake featuring an engineer in full costume and a dude with a horse head who comically strolls casually by as if it's just another day in Santa Clara.

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Vishaka1919d ago

I'm becoming despondent with how lame society is becoming lol

LOL_WUT1919d ago

Agreed first that damn gangam style whatever song now this? Meh..

Speed-Racer1919d ago

Your problem is that you haven't looked at the right one.

fatstarr1919d ago

lol trap music went mainstream

its the new dubstep now.

Vishaka1919d ago

I dont like harlem shake. But here take my like for putting so much effort into making this!

shackdaddy1918d ago

Just found out what Harlem shake was a day ago.

Already hate it...

BlmThug1918d ago

I still don't know what this Harlem Shake is

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