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Submitted by Vishaka 1093d ago | news

The Reason Why Windows 8 Is Unsuccessful: Everyone Likes Windows 7 – Analyst

softpedia :Windows 7 continues to be the number one operating system in the entire world, even though the latest figures released by several research firms indicate that Windows 8 is increasing its market share too. (Gadgets, PC hardware, Windows 7, Windows 8)

Yi-Long  +   1093d ago
It's very very simple....
... I'm a deskto/laptop user, so why would I want a touch-screen OS when I have absolutely no desire to bend forward and touch the screen to navigate my way around...!?

And yeah, Windows 7 is great, so why would I want a newer OS that by most accounts would be a step backwards, and annoying.

Yes, I know there are tweaks and crap you can download and install and use to make W8 more like the experience you would have on Windows 7, but don't want to have to jump through hoops just to undo all the poor changes they made, just to get it back working as a perfect 3 year old product.

I really and truly hope some manufacturers will just start selling Windows 7 systems again, instead of all the current W8 systems on sale, which are preventing me from buying a new laptop.
Evil_Ryu   1092d ago | Offensive
Evil_Ryu  +   1092d ago
i each there own.
steve30x  +   1092d ago
I downloaded a patch to get rid of that Modern UI and it took a few seconds to make windows 8 work exactly the same as windows 7. Windows 8 uses less resources , runs smoother and games run smoother than windows 7. Everything is faster in windows 8 than it was in windows 7.
Crazyglues  +   1092d ago

I understand your pain, I was right there with you feeling the same exact way... -But THEN one day everything changed.

You know what changed - I actually forced my self to use Windows 8 for one week, and guess what?

I learned that I was being a complete idiot and that Windows 8 was just fine, there was nothing really wrong with it.

Yes they changed two things - Yes 2 things and people lost their minds.. (one- the start menu, all they did was remove the icon and now you just move to the corner - same as before just without the icon - and now instead of a small square your start menu is the size of the whole screen) -makes it a lot easier to see all the stuff that was in that square box

Two - you want all programs just right click when your at the Start menu and boom - All programs bottom right...

That's it that's the major change from Win 7 to Win 8 and people have lost their minds... LoL's..

I was going to do a whole video and write a blog but I figure it was not needed but after reading your comment maybe I was wrong.. here's a pic of my Windows 8 -

I'm Loving Windows 8...
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gamernova  +   1093d ago
I like windows 8 because it is a prettier version of windows 7. I like the apps and the look of metro. It is just 40 bucks so the upgrade is a no brainer for me. Then again I am all about out with the old in with the new.
KingPin  +   1092d ago
i prefer to upgrade every second OS that comes out.
windows 95, 98SE, XP, 7. anything microsoft releases in between for some reason is ok for the average user i suppose but the power users suffer.
gamernova  +   1092d ago
I have an unlocked 3770K liquid cooler with 16 gigs of RAM; power is not an issues. Anything that was compatible with 7 is compatible with 8; they just pretty much added the metro and apps. It is pretty cool but it is best on touch, that is for sure.
theDECAY  +   1092d ago
How do you know you're on the right interval? Dum-dum-dum!
Gamesgbkiller  +   1092d ago
Its just WIN 7.5 & I liked it ..
Its not the best but it is NOT THE WORST :)
DivineHand125  +   1092d ago
How can everybody like windows 7 if 39% of the market is still using windows xp while 44% is using windows 7. Also i think the analyst is wrong if he believes that when the people finally drop windows xp, they will choose windows 7 as their OS of choice. Windows 7 has been out for over 3 years now and they will most likely move on to windows 8 since it is faster(I'm going by what users of the OS are saying) than windows 7. I strongly believe that the people who are still using windows xp prefers performance and support over anything else and before anyone says why not use windows 2000 then; don't be stupid, support for that OS from the software community is none existent this day and age while xp is still going strong with the exception of a few games.

Source for figures
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SilentNegotiator  +   1092d ago
Those percentages are because of businesses.

8 is hardly geared towards businesses. XP through 7 are.

What businesses ARE converting from XP or Vista are converting to 7.
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1092d ago
no it's because windows 8 sucks.. Glad it's failing.. Windows 9,11,13 ftw!!
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gamernova  +   1092d ago
Windows 8 is exactly like 7 except with the added metro and apps...So I guess more features make things suck? *sigh*
Speed-Racer  +   1092d ago
If you're running Windows 7, there really is no justifiable reason to upgrade to Win 8 if you're not using a touchscreen or tablet. I'll hold off till Win 9.
Somebody  +   1092d ago
MS should've set the Metro UI as one part of the desktop system instead of being the sole attention hog.

Win 7 was a hot thing with netbooks (low powered machines that can run a full version of a desktop OS before the tablets appear). There were big promises of the newer generation of netbooks will have touch screens as default with better support from Win 7. Instead, MS focused so much time on Win 8 that it left netbooks out in the cold and wither under the onslaught of tablets.

Now Win 8 has touch control built into it but the 3rd party hardware that's would use it right off the bat is not there anymore. Touch screen capable netbooks are a thing of the pass and regular notebooks have dropped touch screen years ago. While the replacement, Ultrabooks, are too expensive for their own good.

MS seems to be great at promising great stuff (like the Win 7 touch support for next gen netbooks) only to pull away their support until the promise died and now is trying to get everyone excited all over again. Had they kept supporting touch capable netbooks, for a couple more generations at least, until everyone's familiar with touch screens on laptops then Win 8 might have a smoother launch to a much more receptive crowd.
badkolo  +   1092d ago
win 8 is just a faster win7 but i agree that they shouldnt of forced us to have metro as the main option, it should of been a option for desktop to users to pick between metro or the typical desktop start page.
tweet75  +   1092d ago
maybe im old school but i like mouse and keyboard on my windows. I look at touch screens for things besides pc. Plus windows 7 isnt perfect but doesnt have alot of problems just no reason to upgrade.
MrRaccoon90  +   1091d ago
Windows 8 to me is simple. Its running off Windows Vista/7 Kernal. I look at windows 8 more of a revamped windows 7. It uses all the window 7 cores. Sure it has the tablet looks, but at ive noticed my games such as battlefield 3 loads faster, boots up faster, more secure, and less ram usage. It's a new look yeah I agree, always nice to try new things out.

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