Apple cuts MacBook prices by up to $200

(Reuters) - Apple Inc cut the price on the base version of its 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop with "retina" display by $200 as it revamps its top-end laptops, weeks after the company reported a steep decline in Mac sales in the holiday quarter.

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bebitech1801d ago

Steep decline? *rolls eyes* Anyone who believes that simply is incapable of understanding product cycles and a shorter quarter. It was iMac sales that were down, due to them having nearly no supplies for two months, after the new line launched. So how does cutting the MBP line help with that?

hard joe1801d ago

hope their other products follow suit

Software_Lover1801d ago

Moving "A" factory to America. Cutting prices. There might be hope for Apple yet.

Albie3601801d ago

They should people realize their shit is over expensive.

KwietStorm1801d ago

What is your first language?

Albie3601801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

They should, people realize their shit is over expensive.
Read the header kwietstorm, and use that shit between your ears.

konnerbllb1800d ago


Even after correcting your first sentence it's still wrong. You also don't need a comma in your second sentence. You're welcome.

Speed-Racer1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@Albie - A comma really makes the difference in the meaning of your entire sentence.

KwietStorm1801d ago

Are you somehow offended that I didn't understand your grammatical errors?

eferreira1801d ago

expensive? really? considering how my friends mac is still running strong after 4 years and I'm on my 3rd laptop. This samsung that I have right now for less than 6 months already has power cord issues.

KingPin1801d ago

maybe you should stop buying cheap laptops and think about a Dell XPS range for example.

they're about the same price as a macbook but you get much better specs and the build quality is comparable to mac. also, its totally upgradable to increase the longevity.

as for you buying 3 laptops in 4 years, you really need to buy higher spec laptops if they getting outdated in a year. and if its faulty hardware, surely it would still be covered by a warranty of some sort. <since all new products comes with at least a 2 year warranty>

krazykombatant1800d ago

3 laptops in 4 years christ, take care of your shit.

Gondee1800d ago

Not sure if thats a true story, but Apple laptops are made extremely well. My father works at dell, and growing up I always had XPS laptops or Alienware. Went to college, decided I would try something different, and got the MPA 13 for 1200. I do have a dual boot on it, as im a CS major, but aside from that, I have never had a laptop that stood up to 2 years of solid daily abuse and literally nothing has gone wrong. I have been impressed, and unless someone else comes with another computer of equal build quality, I can see apple computers gaining popularity.

GuyThatPlaysGames1800d ago

Maybe you broke asses can't afford it! Ever think of that? You sound like everyone saying "mercedes is too expensive or a ripoff", when in reality you are broke and can't afford it. :)

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