Treat Yourself To Your Very Own ED-209 Killer Robot

NRM: "Have you ever wanted to own the ED-209 Killer Robot from Robocop? Well my friend, your highly obscure dream is about to come true! Provided you have £16,000 going spare."

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deadman1211892d ago

I want one of those - used to be scared of ed209 when I was a kid. Need to teach ed209 a lesson!

SquishyGorilla1892d ago

I always wanted one to take care of my bullies in school. "Remember me? Wedgie this."

Speed-Racer1891d ago

Hahah. What if your high school bullies turn out to be really cool guys now?

ProjectVulcan1891d ago

I was scared of ED209 until I remembered I was protected by ED209's worst enemy- stairs.

deadman1211891d ago

Hahaha that's artificial intelligence for you!

iamgoatman1891d ago

That's all right for you, but I live in a bungalow and I'm still terrified.

Android1891d ago

That thing terrified me as a child. Blocky animations, deep voice and unwillingness to register commands........."you have 10 seconds to comply!"

Has anybody seen the directors cut to that scene?! Talk about extreme over kill..........literally.