Apple iPhone 5s Leaked Photos Released - Manufacturing Plant

Gadget Mill: The Apple iPhone has been yet again hit with newly leaked photos, this time for the iPhone 5S. This is a bit all of a sudden as the Apple iPhone 5 has only been recently released – 143 days today! Even so it only feels like it was released yesterday!

The iPhone 5s has been rumored to be announced some point this year, some even say with the iPhone 6 (although I find that part doubtful!)

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Gondee1531d ago

143 days is 4-5 months. Do they think they produce 5-10 million units 2 weeks before launch?

Knight_Crawler1530d ago

Apple iPhone 5 now with magical colors of the rainbow.

Each iPhone 5 is painted from the blood of unicorns and sprayed with a protective clear coat of tears from Zeus.

bwazy1530d ago

Yet still made from the glass of mortals.

Angels37851530d ago

Have u ever heard of mass may seem impossible, but if the company is big enough its not a problem. I wont even be buying an iPhone 5, but I recognize companies like apple and Google have the $ and are large enough to pull whatever they want out of thin air.

LOL_WUT1530d ago

Man those look NICE! I want the lime green iPhone

deadman1211530d ago

Haha better read the article buddy ;)

KwietStorm1530d ago

Its an Apple topic. LOL_WUT's hype supersedes any actual facts or subject matter therein.

fatstarr1530d ago

day one buy, for you right?

The_Infected1530d ago

Idk why it even matters if they come in colors because most everyone will have a case that covers the colors up.

Baka-akaB1530d ago

Hardly everyone , and there are such things as matching cases

The_Infected1530d ago

Ok if you don't use a case you just crazy and second a matching case to cover the color still doesn't matter.

Baka-akaB1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

It's not that crazy , those phones are quite scratch resilient and well some people just take care of their stuff without dropping it , damageing the screens or dropping coffee on it .

Bottom line is i see plenty people every day without cases actually . I just use a clothe bag from an old pair of glasses to keep it clean in the pockets

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