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CyberPower PC's FangBook X7 Strikes Mobile Gaming Starting at $1,299

Maximum PC: Gaming notebooks are infinitely more affordable than they were even just five years ago, and if you don't believe it, just have a look at CyberPowerPC's new FangBook X7 Series. These 17.3-inch (1920x1080) gaming laptops start at $1,299 and pack at least an Intel Core i7 3630QM quad-core CPU (you can configure a FangBook X7 with up to an Intel Core i7 3940XM Extreme Edition processor) and 8GB of DDR3-1333 RAM.

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newsguy1895d ago

Why do all gaming laptops look the same now?

fatstarr1894d ago

the apple effect, if a brand has all the consumers, others copy to appeal to the new consumer taste so they can get sales.

imXify1894d ago

Woow...that's really not expensive ! :O
But the design is just ugly.

fatstarr1894d ago

it reminds me of crysis

Bimkoblerutso1894d ago

These are pretty dang good gaming laptops, especially with the mx cards in them. I have one of the 15 inchers with a 670mx in it. It's a very capable little machine.