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AMD Plans To Stick With The HD 7000 Series For The Bulk of 2013

Maximum PC: The GPU nuclear arm’s race between AMD and Nvidia over the last several years has been amazing for consumers, however the R&D costs associated with this competition must have been astronomical. Both companies have been trading blows at different price points for the last few generations, and AMD is finally throwing up the white flag. According to AMD Product Manager Devon Nekechuk, the company will be sticking with its HD 7000 series for the bulk of 2013, and will use promos and software bundles to remain competitive against the green team.

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dirthurts1924d ago

Why? They're great cards, and already faster than any game can take advantage of.
Let them put more time into their next card. I'm sure it will pay off.

gamernova1924d ago

AMD fans should be praising Nvidia. Because Nvidia really stepped up their graphics cards, AMD has gone insanely beast right back. I personally think that the current AMD cards are more than enough. For the price, I do believe that they provide more bang for the buck than Nvidia. The GHZ edition cards are pretty great. More than enough for the foreseeable future but us tech people certainly love our new tech :)

SnakeCQC1924d ago

there was something very fishy about this graphic card gen(mainly because so many amd important employees moved to nvidia) and i really think that they took specs and architecture secrets to nvidia and nvidia in turn heavily revised their line up

hellvaguy1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I agree price is tad better on amd cards and they have finally caught up to nvidia now in great driver support. However, where amd is still playing second fiddle, is that thier cards kick out more heat and burn up more watts than nvidia. Im not saying thats a huge factor for alot of people, but I still prefer my electronics to run cooler.

gamernova1924d ago

I completely agree. That is why I have a 670. Things with lower temps tend to last longer. It's a better investment honestly.

hiredhelp1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

AMD fans should be praising Nvidia. LOL
AMD has gone insanely beast right back. (Stable drivers and tahiti said hello)
AMD cards are more than enough. I agree but Both partys have same or simular sorry price bracket.

Ultimatly i can see you love Nvidia But trying to not knock AMD i was a Green Team Fan for many years untill i had a amd 4870 when amd really stepped it up.
Then i bought a sli 560 setup never again anyways long story short im now running 7970Sapphire refrence from febuary last year loving it.
There are games taken advantage
Far cry 3
Crysis 2
Hitman absalution
To name a few are hitting my 7970 hard to get a stable 60 threw out with everything maxed so i overclock with is another strenth i see from AMD.

gamernova1923d ago

I am not trying to knock AMD down. I am a member of the green team but I can appreciate good competition. It always works that way; one of them really shines and the other really steps it up. I mean the GHZ edition and lower prices came because Nvidia. Like I said, AMD did step it up. They really did. There has never been a better time to be part of the red machine.

hiredhelp1923d ago

I do appologise for my bad spelling and typing i was meant to say i can see your Not. Trying to nock AMD again sorry

Software_Lover1924d ago

I'm still lovin my 7950. See no reason to upgrade at this moment. Let the devs start to use the behemoths that we have. I mean, my pc has 16gb ram and a 3gb Video card that just seems to go to waste.

Lets make some great pc games devs.

Blasphemy1924d ago

Why are these companies slowing down tech advancement. It seems intel also has been stagnant with their cpus for the last 4 years.

hellvaguy1924d ago

4 years? So youve never heard of the i5 and i7 (especially 3rd gen, which uses virtu mvp technology to combine integreted graphics with your deticated card) completely dominating amd cpu's?

Google is your friend here along with any pc review site so you can maybe know what your talking about next time. : p

solid_warlord1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

i5 and i7 have predominantly been 4 cores just as they were 4 years ago with quad 2 core. Sure they have just improved the threading an shit like that but the silicons are reaching there physical limit. I think they will only be capable of doubling today's power by 2025 when silicon chips no longer can advance any longer.

Face it,the leap from generation to generation is no longer a massive one.

hellvaguy1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

From 4 years ago, I would argue that cpu's have undergone a massive leap. And the amount of cores really shouldn't be your standard to set on cpu performance. For proof, i7 quad core is much faster than any 6 and 8-core amd (although not factoring in cost, cause intel are more spendy).

Also intel does make a 6-core

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