Mars Rover Spots Metallic 'Arm' Sticking Out Of A Rock

HuffingtonPost - There's another weird thing on Mars, and Nasa really doesn't know what it is this time.

You may remember the $2.5 billion Curiosity rover currently drilling rocks on the Red Planet already found strange shiny things and what was labelled a 'Martian Flower'.

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-Mezzo-1955d ago

Werid. The image was not clear........As always.

BrunoM1954d ago

They need to start going to best buy and add a 600 bucks camera to these 2 billion dollar rovers so we had ultra high hd images ....

GodsHand1954d ago

They have a better camera then a $600 one from bestbuy, but they don't release full resolution pictures to the public.

XboxInnovation1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

That picture was probably taken from miles away. What camera at best buy can do that and pin point an object? The camera alone on that thing is probably 10 million dollars.

NASA uses technology 50-75 years ahead of the general public. They have their own technology.

NateNater1954d ago

@ BrunoM

A $600 camera would produce images that are of such a high quality that it would take forever to send them back to Earth. That's why they use low quality images.

Human Analog1953d ago

The real issue is that when they started development, and design of the rover 10 years ago, the technology for digital cameras was not as advanced as today. But once the manufacturing process, and testing of internal systems starts. They are locked in with what ever tech they chose. Could you imagine if at the last minute some engineer decided to drop in the latest and greatest without proper trials? They launch it, and at 30 million miles away it doesn't work. It isn't like they can just go fix it like the Hubble Telescope (remember that fiasco?).

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etechmag1954d ago

The said "arm" is only 0.5 cm tall, so of course the picture won't be stellar unless the it is taken up close. As the protrusion wasn't the primary imaging target, the rover was further away from it. The protrusion was found in a panoramic image, and what we're seeing is a zoomed in version.

The report from Huffpo is usual sensationalist bullcrap.

Shadow Flare1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

They're gonna drive up to it and its gonna have "Beagle 2" written on it

CanadianTurtle1954d ago

It actually doesn't look like an arm.

Cueil1954d ago

do my eyes fool more or did I see a right angle in that picture?

level 3601954d ago

Quite sure they already got rover Curiosity to check it out, so stay tuned in a couple of days/weeks.

It doesn't look like that "thing" is sinking in but more like it's coming out as shown with the cracks.

adorie1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I'm thinking if they find anything significant, it will be held in secret. -_-

We need to claim Mars already, before the other countries do. Lol..

soultecc1953d ago

how the hell can you claim a planet

360ICE1953d ago

Ask USA. We've already claimed one.

adorie1953d ago

What do you think the next frontier is?

Apologies, but the question reeks of naivety.

My comment was a loose joke. e_e

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The story is too old to be commented.