Microsoft Bing Slipped to Fifth Place in the Global Search Market at the End of 2012

While Microsoft is running its Scroogled campaign to try to lure away Google users to its own services, Bing has slipped in the global search engine rankings. The latest numbers are in for the last two months of 2012 from comScore. According to the comScore qSearch report, Microsoft Bing is now the fifth largest global search engine.

The report shows that Microsoft processed 4.477 billion queries during November/December of 2012. Search engine Yandex took fourth place away from Microsoft in the global search market by processing 4.844 billion queries during those two months.

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Speed-Racer1956d ago

It's a search engine as well, but I believe the Russian version is the most popular of them all.

Captain Tuttle1956d ago

"Let me Yandex that for you"

Soldierone1955d ago

Hate using Bing. i hardly ever find what I'm looking for unless its some major website.

newsguy1953d ago

Microsoft just can't catch a break