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Google Glass passes sound through your bones, not conventional speakers

Vyralize: According to a recent FCC filing, Google Glass will use a ‘vibrating element’ to transmit sound to your body via your bones.

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Vyralize1745d ago

Damn Google, you scary! Soon we'll be plugging into Google like in the Matrix.

ChrisW1744d ago

The technology is based on how snakes hear.

About 20 years ago, our local zoo built a reptile exhibit and they had a thing where you could listen to some dialogue about how snakes utilize vibrations by putting your chin on a piece of metal and plugging your ears.

It was really cool!

Speed-Racer1745d ago

Damn this is cool, but yea, the whole traveling in a car or train could be an issue.

hazelamy1745d ago

took 14 years for real life to catch up to video games.

Snake had something like this 14 years ago, i just hope they haven't also made a giant nuclear capable walking battle tank. O_O

Raf1k11745d ago

Yeh, the tech has been around for a while.

1745d ago
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