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Sony's rumoured PlayStation 4 reveal event will be live-streamed

GameSpot - Sony confirms gamers will be able to watch February 20 PlayStation Meeting event live online. (Gadgets, Gaming, PlayStation 4, Sony)

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-Mezzo-  +   844d ago
The wait is killing me.
mushroomwig  +   842d ago
Same here, I just want to know already. Do you know what time it'll happen for GMT?
Fil101  +   842d ago | Helpful
It says 18:00 new york time which I think would make it 23:00 GMT
Speed-Racer  +   842d ago
^ that's right.
BioDead  +   842d ago
Is the stream avaible internationally?
Adva  +   842d ago
PS Streams on the web are always international. No region restriction.
TreeFiddy  +   842d ago
Doubt there will be much information there about the PS4 so soon.
sporge1989  +   842d ago
I cannot Wait to see this even if its not a PS4 announcement..most of the time they have exciting games to show and etc

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