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Video of racing drones looks like a scene right out of Star Wars

25m ago - Remember the racing scene from The Phantom Menace? This video of racing drones will refresh your... | Culture

Google Tries, Fails To Remove Links To Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photos

1h ago - Google removed two links from its search engine to a site hosting nude photos of Jennifer Lawrenc... | Web

Cooler Master Suppressor Gaming Keyboard Has Been Revealed

2h ago - Cooler Master has unveiled its new suppressor gaming keyboard . The keyboard is intended to be a... | PC hardware

Intel Skylake IGP specifications leak

2h ago - Intel will release the Skylake architecture later in 2015, but their details have already begun t... | PC hardware

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The Geocities-izer turns your favorite websites into a Geocities page

4h ago - The Geocities-izer: Make any webpage look like it was made by a thirteen year-old in 1996 | Culture