Google New Image Search Kills Traffic World Wide

TheNexusNews writes that recently Google redesigned their Image Search system, which helps images to load much faster. However the new change comes with a price, which is reduced traffic for bloggers all around the world.

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searchbuzz1906d ago

Finally an article about it. Ive been ranting about this all week.

Soldierone1906d ago

A lot sites brought this on themselves. Its beyond annoying clicking an image, and the page auto re loads itself so you have to view the page. No, I just want to see the dang picture!

Combine that with content heavy sites cramming up behind the picture.

I think ad people are also happy about this. While the page was loading, you still weren't looking at the ads.

Speed-Racer1906d ago

I hate those sites, especially the wallpaper pages.

DarkFireHawk1905d ago

I agree. This also removes the unhealthy practices - those who fish trafic with those methods. Im happy - but then again as a site owner i was damaged too. Not as much as the others since it wasnt my main door, but i did feel a 20-30 drop! so not sure how to really feel about it :D

kingPoS1906d ago

It's great for finding album covers without having to delve too deep into a site.